PUBG: New State Set to Release on November 11th, 2021

by Michael Sagoe


PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS is a game title that needs no introduction. Released back in December of 2017 and created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, it was a battle royale shooter that took the world by storm, and even though PUBG didn’t invent the battle royale genre, it very much popularized it back then, prompting a sea of imitators, copycats and debatable successors to fill the gaming market for months. And now years later with the PUBG Universe established, Krafton and PUBG Studios are expanding further with their newest title, PUBG: New State.

PUBG: New State is a mobile title planned for iOS and Android devices and is being promoted as a direct sequel to the original PUBG (along with PUGB Mobile, which is considered a remake of the original PUBG.) Set in the year 2051, PUBG: New State will have a Neo-futuristic theme, with many elements of the gameplay being centered around technological advances. While the 100-player experience of looting and shooting will be similar to battle royale shooters of the past, players will be able to use drones, ballistic shields, neon sights, futuristic cars and more, along with new combat abilities such as dodge rolling, reviving downed teammates and even recruiting enemy players. Along with impressive gameplay, PUBG Studios claims that the game will push mobile game graphics to new limits by having some of the most impressive visuals possible, by “global illumination” to set a new standard for visuals on mobile devices.


Revealed on October 22, 2021, PUBG Studios released a new trailer on their YouTube channel, showcasing a new cinematic trailer along with the release date. In their description, they have stated that players will be able to pre-register the game on either iOS and Android. Doing so will grant each user a limited vehicle skin which will become a permanent addition to their in-game cosmetics collection once the game officially launches.

Releasing a direct sequel to a well-known game series is always a risky gamble to take, as many people in the gaming community tend to view mobile games as watered-down and inferior. Even if the gameplay perfectly translates to the mobile platform, there is still a strong resentment, as the gaming industry tends to abuse monetization for mobile titles with predatory cash shops, lootboxes and more. However, if the developers and publisher can prove that the game isn’t predatory, players can be willing to show their support for mobile games in the long run. One can only hope that this new entry into the series will be treated with the same respect as its PC and console counterparts.

PUBG: New State arrives soon on November 11th, 2021 for iOS and Android.

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