Rainbow Six: Extraction Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer Released

More information on Ubisoft's spin-off revealed

by Ben Stroud
Rainbow Six Extraction

Ubisoft has released the latest in-depth deep dive into Rainbow Six: Extraction. Planned to release in January 2022, it sees solo players or co-op groups of up to three players team up and infiltrate alien-infested areas of interest. Along with this comes any one of twelve objectives to fulfill, ranging from collecting samples, gathering intel or exfiltrating. Many playable characters from 2015’s Rainbow Six: Siege return, like the previous title, each operator has their own set of skills and abilities prepared to take on their hostile counterparts. Below are some stand-out points announced that caught our eye in the latest trailer.

Missing In Action

When you’re part of a team against a world brimming with Aliens, mishaps are always bound to happen and will always require the best solutions possible. Rainbow Six works on the same ideals.

If captured by the enemy at any given stage of a task, the kidnapped operator will then become “MIA” and will require a mission completion solely revolving around their release, to extract the information they have accumulated completing objectives, and to also be playable once more for future missions. Strategies will require adaptation and thorough thinking to get your teammate back in the fight. The MIA objective is an interesting way of keeping players on their toes and sticking with each other more permanently, to heighten the rate of success.


Thirteen Types Of Enemy To Battle

A variation of terrestrial threats stand between you and your goals. Take the Protean’s for example. These shapeshifting fiends mimic Rainbow Six operators with many contrasts added to the mix, copying character attributes, but adding their own twists.

Another example of enemies you’ll be facing is “The Tormentor” a formidable opponent which teleports via Sprawl spread over the current map during a firefight. Speaking of Sprawl, a dark substance that engulfs player surroundings, aiding the aliens’ maneuverability, operators will have to work in unison regarding sprawl and its power. Removal helps turn the tide into the players’ favour, even though only a small amount.

Further enemy types range from Smashers, invincible to bullets and are surprisingly quick, to Lurkers, turning its allies invisible at the drop of a hat. Whilst these designs boast imagination, it will be interesting to see how high of a demand Rainbow Six: Extraction will have for teamwork. Having these enemies work together in unison, is sure to be a tough experience, for even long-term players of Ubisoft’s first-person shooter.


Deep Progression System

Leveling up operators and progressing is standard amongst first-person shooters across the board, and Ubisoft’s title is no different. Players can decide whether to extract the intel they have received, or in turn, decide to progress into more difficult parts of the map that’s set out for them. For reward, they could acquire more intel, larger experience and progress their characters further, but with more bonuses comes more difficulty.

Upgrading characters weaponry to assault larger enemies more proficiently, whilst also cloaking your team, making it more difficult for your enemies to detect you. Whichever operator you choose to customize and strengthen, is completely down to you and your play style. Progression and customization has always been a center point for Rainbow Six, and it continues to shine in its next entry thoroughly.

Twelve Maps Consistently Revolving

As the game releases. Rainbow Six: Extraction contains twelve sharply designed maps that frequently change over time. San Francisco, New Mexico, Alaska and New York are the locales in which the alien invasion shall be fought upon. Developers have claimed these levels to be three times the standard size of an original Rainbow Six map from 2015. Casinos, Hotels, all the way up to Liberty Island in New York, are just a taste of where Ubisoft wants to take you on their twisted journey, of an United States of America, under threat.


To accompany these twelve settings along the way, are thirteen missions to compete in. Nest Tracking, Sabotage, Shutdown, Specimen, Decontamination and MIA are the objectives included in the latest overview trailer, with more undoubtedly to be revealed closer to the game’s launch.

Ultimately, it seems Ubisoft are trying their hardest into shaking one of their most beloved titles formula up. It’ll be fascinating how well the developers manage to mold the most recently revealed content into one full package and how beloved fans of the series will experience what’s on offer.

Rainbow Six: Extraction launches January 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect.