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Rainbow Six Siege Developers Have a Unique Way of Developing Their Game

New training modes will come to the game at some point.

by C.J. Keller


Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t have the best set of training tools for new players.  While there are some training scenarios, single player missions don’t expect anything more on that front any time soon.  That’s because the developers are more focused on making content for the game, like operators, weapons, and gadgets.

It’s a complicated game, which has many different operators that function in many different ways.  New players really just have to jump in with both feet to learn how to play the game and apparently that will remain the best way to learn as no new modes are on the books from the Siege Team.  “Training Grounds and Situations are not a great tool for onboarding,” according to Associate Game Direction Aurelien Chiron in a recent interview.  “We don’t have anything major planned for them apart from some difficulty tweaks,” he continues.

The current training scenarios aren’t necessarily even geared towards the multiplayer pvp side of the game, but that might change, according to Chiron.  “We want to focus on the PvP side of Siege, which is the core experience.  We prefer to invest in training tools that improve the learning curve, so players can test operators, weapons, and gadgets, and learn maps more quickly. ”

So when are these training tools going to come to players?  It still sounds like it might be a ways off.  Despite a partnership with Aim Labs to create training modes for the game, Chiron didn’t have anything to share in that regard.  Six years on, it does feel a little bit late to be adding a training mode into Siege.  But the game’s popularity continues to rise.  Despite being an older game by any standard, Ubisoft’s ability to bolster the roster year after year with new characters and content have kept the game fresh for players.

- This article was updated on July 29th, 2021

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