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Rare Replay Limited Edition To Come With Battletoads T-shirt

by Damian Seeto


A retail chain in the UK is offering a Battletoads t-shirt when you buy the Rare Replay Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition for Rare Replay is available for pre-order now at GAME in the UK. It will cost you £27.99.

When you order the game at GAME, you will receive a cool looking green Battletoads t-shirt. It is of a limited quantity and is only available until stocks last. If you are a fan of the old video game, you better pre-order now.


So far, GAME is the only retailer that I could find that includes the t-shirt with this special edition of Rare Replay. VideoGamer noted that this is similar to the one Phil Spencer wore from earlier this year.

Although, the t-shirt GAME buyers will be getting looks like it will be in a darker shade of green. Nevertheless, this is a cool bonus for fans of retro video games.

Hopefully Rare Replay is a success so the company decides to revive some of its more famous IPs. The company sadly only developed Kinect games over the last couple of years or so.

Rare Replay only includes the company’s own IPs. There won’t be any Nintendo games or Goldeneye featured here.

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