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Resident Evil 7 Free Not A Hero DLC Delayed

by Dean James


Resident Evil 7 was a much welcome return to form for the Resident Evil franchise when it released back in January to rave reviews for its survival horror style instead of a more action centered game like the last few have been. The game has more free DLC on the horizon, but it has just been revealed that it has been delayed.

Resident Evil 7 has already had one set of DLC come out in two parts that were known as Banned Footage Vol. 1 and Vol 2. The second DLC is a story mission starring Chris Redfield that is known as Not A Hero, which was scheduled for a release in spring 2017. With no word of a release date, we’ve been wondering if it may be delayed a bit and that’s what has happened.

This news came courtesy of a video released on the official Resident Evil YouTube channel from the producer and director of Resident Evil 7. In this video they announced that while the Not A Hero DLC was scheduled for release in Spring 2017, it has now been delayed to an unknown date.

They stated that the reason for the delay is that coming off of the incredible praise for the main game, they wanted to make sure this DLC matches up quality wise. To ensure this happens, they need more development time on the game, which is why it has been delayed.

The whole wording of it coming out in spring 2017 originally is interesting, because we still technically have two months left of spring. You would think that this means we won’t be getting it until at last late June at the earlier, but often times May and June are considered summer for many companies when it comes to releases. If that is the case, I personally wouldn’t be surprised to see this be dropped at E3 as a surprise release, considering we already got that with the demo last year for Resident Evil 7.

While we don’t know when the new Resident Evil 7 DLC is coming, you can check out the video below to hear from the team behind it yourselves.

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