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Resident Evil 7 Ships Over 4 Million Copies

by Jose Belmonte


The official website of Resident Evil 7 has been updated with more details about the upcoming DLC content and, very interestingly, with an update of the copies the game has managed to ship worldwide. A message over the background image proudly says “Over 4 Million Copies Shipped Worldwide!” which is an important milestone for a title that took lots of creative risks and didn’t have everything on its side when it launched earlier in the year.

In fact, we gave the game a glowing review in which we summarized the experience as “A true return to form for the long running series.” Yet, despite the high praise, the game fell below Capcom’s expectations at the end of the past fiscal year, even if it was still the best selling new release of the company.

Fast forward a few months, and things are starting to look brighter. The constant flow of subsequent DLC chapters are keeping the fan interest up months after the initial release, and a Gold Edition launching in December will give the public access to the main adventure and all the additional content in only one purchase. Not only that, but a new downloadable chapter featuring franchise icon Chris Redfield and coming for free to all owners of any edition might make the idea of purchasing the cheaper base edition more appealing.

The free DLC is called Not a Hero, and offers a more action-oriented experience than the main game. The other DLC releasing in December is called End of Zoe, and will be available as a separate purchase, as part of the season pass, or included in the Gold Edition and will serve as an epilogue for the game, and it recently presented more footage in a new trailer.

Resident Evil 7 is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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