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Respawn Entertainment warns of Titanfall Beta scams

| September 4, 2013

Respawn Entertainment warns of Titanfall Beta scams News  Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment has not yet announced if and when there will be a Titanfall Beta. However, that’s not stopping enterprising scammers from starting fake sites that are advertising the opportunity to particpate in it.

The developers have warned that all sites advertising the Titanfall Beta are 100% scams. Respawn said via Twitter:

“To help keep our fans safe from scammers, please note that all sites advertising Beta access are 100% scams.”

While the game is due out in early 2014, we won’t likely be seeing a beta this year due to the Xbox One’s late release date. With multiplayer being the main draw for Titanfall, it’s a probability that the developers will hold some sort of beta for the game. However, whether this will be open to the public to participate in is another question entirely.

For now, watch out for Titanfall Beta scams.

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  • Mattress

    Love me some shooters. Really hoping this game lives up to the hype. I’d be surprised if it didn’t as I’ve not read a single negative impression. Rather the opposite – they all act like kids in a candy store afterwards.

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