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Rime Dev Explains Split With Sony

by Mike Guarino


The development cycle for Tequila Works’ Rime has been an interesting one, with the game falling off the radar several times and some even thinking it had been canceled. However, despite originally being announced in 2013, we might finally see the game release next year.

Tequila Works’ PR handler José Herráez recently did an interview discussing the game and the long and strange development cycle it has had. He mentions that development has been going fine despite the delays, while also discussing the split with Sony. He said the following:

“Well, contrary to what is believed, we haven’t had any development issues with the game. The only thing is that we took the IP rights from Sony Computer Entertainment back for the Rime franchise, because we felt that was a valuable property for Tequila Works to have. And then we secured a different publisher, which is Six Foot and Grey Box. They are from the United States, and that’s the end of it, really. Some people imply that we would have some troubles with development, but that was never the case, the game is progressing perfectly, and we will offer more information, and show more gameplay, and we’ll announce platform availability very early next year. So we are not far from hearing interesting news about Rime.”

Delving further into the split with Sony, he said that “It’s really not complicated. We decided that having the IP rights for one of our properties, and a game that was always conceived and planned, and dreamt of by Tequila Works, should remain in house. And that was why we reacquired the rights to the IP, and we came to this agreement with Sony, it was all on friendly terms. And of course, you know this industry has a lot of gossip and rumors, but really, that’s it. It’s not a complicated story.”

Rime is currently slated for a 2017 release.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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