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Roblox Rises to #1 Spot on Twitch With Nearly a Million Concurrent Viewers

Roblox and the Squid Game made something beautiful yesterday, and Twitch was the perfect place to see it.

Yesterday, Roblox achieved something that only a small handful of games and people have accomplished on Twitch. They nearly got 1 million concurrent viewers. This impressive accomplishment was possible thanks to some Spanish streamers that were participating in a community event. No one could have predicted that Roblox was going to be #1 on Twitch.

Roblox is a platform that allows players to build their games using their engine called Roblox studio. This massive platform has been the home of many popular games like Grand Piece Online, Ninja Legends, and Adopt Me!. Roblox even allows you to set up in-game microtransactions, game servers, and more. You can also buy in-game items, access to games, and more with their currency called Robux. Their twitch viewership is relatively low, to say the least, but yesterday was not the case.

Rubius is a famous Spanish streamer on Twitch, given the recent success of the Netflix TV show called Squid Game. He decided to set up his tournament in a Roblox game based on the Netflix show. He handpicked the participants, and soon he gathered more than 50 Streamers and Youtubers. Famous Spanish streamers like Ibai Llanos and Auronplay were invited into the tournament, the community’s excitement went so wild that these three streamers (Rubius, Auronplay, and Ibai Llanos) gathered more than 500 thousand viewers propelling Roblox to the top of the categories with nearly one million concurrent viewers. A Twitter account named Bloxy News noticed this unexpected accomplishment and shared the news.

Around 10% of all average Twitch viewers speak Spanish, so it is impressive that only a handful of streamers could do such a thing. These three streamers proved that even non-English streamers can bring big numbers into the platform. Now Roblox’s concurrent viewership is around 4 thousand people, not even half of what it gathered yesterday while the tournament was happening.

This might not be the last time we see this type of event on Roblox; we may see some North American streamers do the same in a week or two. Roblox’s platform could be turned into a community event hub. Hosting more than just games, the simple UI of the website coupled with how easy it is to get into a game may be what the casual streamer community needs to host more events like this one.

All in all, yesterday was a good day for Roblox and for the Spanish Twitch community that got to experience this event live.

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