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Rock Band 3 Song Exports into RB4 ‘Almost Ready to Go’ says Harmonix

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Ever since the launch of Rock Band 4 for PS4 and Xbox One the question on everyone’s mind has been, when will song exports be available. So far, we’ve had them pop up for Rock Band Blitz, but the rest have lingered in ambiguity. Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2 kind of had a known process, but the wait has continued for those, but Rock Band 3 was the really big question for fans, as it had no known method of export. Now we have heard from Harmonix on this front, with the news that Rock Band 3 song exports will be coming very soon to Rock Band 4.

“Rock Band 3 export is *almost* ready to go,” reads the tweet. “We’re just testing to ensure everything is working, & then we’ll flip the switches. Stay tuned!” Now the only lingering questions are when and how. It should be fairly soon given the wording of the tweet here, so maybe some time this month or in January. How players will do it is another big concern though.

Rock Band 1 and 2 both had methods of export that following games used to get the songs out. Rock Band 3 never had this though. In fact, many still aren’t sure if you need to have a new copy of the game, just the game disc, or if you’ll have the option to export if you just played the game previously. Hopefully these and all the other questions get answered soon though, so we can all get back to rocking out in Rock Band 4.

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