Rocket League Kicks off ‘Radical Summer’ Event with Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1

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Another summer means another new Rocket League event. But even for those who have drifted away from Psyonix’s rocket-powered car soccer (and hockey and basketball) game, this one might be worth checking out. The Rocket League Radical Summer event is an 80’s themed nostalgia trip, and it looks to add a ton of cool unlockable items to your game. Here’s the full details.

The whole event will take place over three phases, focusing in on different aspects of the 1980’s. This includes brand new premium DLC featuring items from 80’s staples like Knight Rider and Ghostbusters. That last one should perk your ears (or eyes) a little bit. Yes, the long awaited and highly anticipated Ecto-1 has arrived for Rocket League as paid DLC.

Along with these come the three phased events. Starting June 10th with 80’s Blockbusters. Along with the Ghostbusters DLC you’ll get a new gamemode framed around the film and additional in-game items from other frnachises. Back to the Future, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Goonies and Karate Kid will all have cosmetics added to the game, and you can unlock them through the event’s cassette system where you earn currency for various uses.

The 80’s Blockbuster phase ends on July 1st giving way to 80’s Culture. Running until July 22nd, this part of the Radical Summer even will change up the unique game mode and feature more generic 80’s themed items. Subbing in for Ghost Hunt is Spike Rush which has players using the Spike power up from Rumble throughout the match.

Then on July 22nd and running until August 12th is the 80’s Television portion of the event. This will see the addition of the Knight Rider Car Pack and in-game items from Voltron and WWE. The special game mode will change to Beach Ball, a 2v2 volleyball style mode using some truly unique settings.

Rocket League – Radical Summer Trailer

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