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Rocket League Overheating Problem On PS4 Temporary Fix Discovered

by Dean James


This week’s update for PS Plus for the month of July brought us the usual slew of games and one of them happened to be the newcomer Rocket League. Since its release on Tuesday however, many PS4 owners have been having some major issues.

Some gamers started reporting that their PS4 systems were starting to overheat and the fans were running much louder than usual while in the menus, which is definitely not good for your system if it’s having to work that hard.

Psyonix quickly released a statement to say that they were aiming to reduce fan noise in patches in the near future and are trying to see just how the fan noise is affecting systems themselves. Luckily, in the meantime someone has round a workaround that appears to work.

As posted on Reddit by user Mossaki, the workaround to prevent the system overheating is quite simple. When the menu comes up, use the right analog stick to move the camera to focus directly down on the top of the car.

Evidently the background is what is causing all the issues and taking them away from being on screen directly makes a huge difference here. Regardless, hopefully Psyonix stays true to their word and gets this fixed sooner rather than later, along with continuing to improve the servers that have had issues as well.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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