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Rocket League’s First DLC Pack Price, Contents, and Release Window Revealed

by Kyle Hanson


Rocket League is all set to receive its first free upgrade very soon, but along with this comes the very first paid DLC for the action sports game. Some time in early August players will have the option to buy the Supersonic Fury DLC pack for Rocket League. This pack will add new cars, and new customization options for players to enjoy.

The full contents include two new Battle-Cars, “the over-the-top American muscle car Dominus, and the souped-up Japanese street racer Takumi.” Both of these vehicles will come with six decals that players can use to customize their ride.

“Besides the new Battle-Cars, the DLC Pack also includes two all-new Rocket Boosts (Nitrous and Burnout), two new Wheel sets (the soccer ball-themed Cristiano and the very-cool Spinner set), five all-new Paint Types (Brushed Metal, Carbon Fiber, Metallic Pearl, Pearlescent, and Wood), and a handful of new Trophies.”

The cost of all of this new stuff is $3.99, a small price to pay for a game that many players got for free via PlayStation Plus. That promotion will continue until August 4th, so if you haven’t downloaded Rocket League, be sure to do so quickly.

Along with the Supersonic Fury DLC pack will come the first major update to Rocket League, promising to fix some issues and improve the experience in big and small ways. This update will include the new Utopia Coliseum map, a spectator mode, updated Goal explosions and Demolitions, a new song for the soundtrack, and more.

Rocket League Supersonic Fury DLC Trailer

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