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Rocket League’s First Free Map is a Futuristic Greek Coliseum

by Kyle Hanson


Rocket League is set to receive two packs of DLC very soon, one that will be paid and provides players with new cars and other cosmetic items, while the other is free, offering a new map. Today Psyonix has given us our first look at the map that will be featured, which is a definite shift in the theme of Rocket League so far.

Titled ‘Utopia Coliseum’ the map seems to be a futuristic, Rocket League-esque take on a Greek Coliseum. The image shared, which can be seen above, shows a lush, green field surround by a huge stadium. Beyond that is a large fountain and various garden elements that are a far cry from the other, more sci-fi and sports themed Rocket League maps.

The big question that fans have had is, will the new map function differently than the others. Currently, all maps in Rocket League are simply aesthetic variations on the same format, with a rectangular playing area surrounded by walls. It seems that the team isn’t messing with the formula though, as Utopia Coliseum is definitely the same shape, and likely will function the same as the other maps in the game.

We’ll find out soon enough though, as Rocket League is set to receive its first few updates very soon.

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