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Rockstar confirms Online Heists for GTA Online in Spring Updates


Rockstar has announced today that GTA Online will be getting Online Heists, among other features, in upcoming Spring Updates for Grand Theft Auto V. Alongside the heists, which are due “this spring”, Rockstar will be releasing a Capture Mode Creator and High Life Update, as well as numerous refinements and fixes to the game.

The Capture Creator will be first to arrive, and allows the creative types on GTA V to make their own original customized Capture Jobs. Players can use pick-ups, define weapons, set locations and other game variables to make unique Capture Creations.

Down the line, The High Life Update will expand Los Santos’ high-end apartment selections, as well as introduce new weapons, wardrobe options, and vehicles.

Those waiting for Online Heists, Rockstar says they are coming this spring. In GTA Online Heists, players will be able to team up with Crew members or random mercenaries to pull off cooperative Heist Missions. Again, Rockstar says that there are more details to come.

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