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Rosalina Amiibo Pre-Orders Will Begin This Month at Target

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo’s Amiibo figures have pretty much been the hottest toy this holiday season. Wave 1 and 2 featured multiple figures that became extremely rare collector’s items due to selling out rapidly and continuing to remain that way for weeks with little sign of a restock anytime soon. This ha led to speculation that Wave 3 might be even worse thanks to a few of the figures being exclusively released in certain stores. Gamestop has Shulk, Best Buy has Meta Knight, Toys R’ Us has Lucario, and Target has Rosalina & Luma. The last of these has yet to even go on sale as a preorder, but that looks to change this month with the offical Ask Target Twitter feed responding to a fan question.

The Rosalina & Luma amiibo Figure will be available for pre-order sometime this month! Keep checking back!

The tweet asked when the Rosalina & Luma Amiibo would be going on sale for preorder, with the response being that it is still coming this month, meaning January 2015, and to keep checking back for updates. If you are looking to collect the Rosalina Amiibo then you’d better be ready since they will likely sell out fast and you don’t want to have to worry about finding one in-store.

We published a guide recently explaining various ways of getting rare Amiibos, including Rosalina & Luma, by ordering from foreign sites. However, it looks like even those are drying up as the specifically mentioned Amazon France no longer has the figure available. It is possible you’ll find one on another site, or in-store, but if you are serious about collecting and don’t want to have to pay more than the MSRP, then you’ll want to get them during the short pre-order window. Good luck, and let us know in the comments if you are lucky enough to grab one.

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