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Rumor: Dead Rising And Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Might Be Releasing On PS4

| July 17, 2016

Rumor: Dead Rising And Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Might Be Releasing On PS4 News Rumors  PS4 Marvel dead rising

The trophy lists for Dead Rising and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on PS4 have been posted by Exophase. This may be a sign that both games are finally coming to Sony’s popular console.

As you can see by clicking here, it is a listing for the trophies of the first Dead Rising video game for PS4. If you remember correctly, the first game in the franchise was an Xbox 360 exclusive. The first game didn’t even come out for the PS3.

Not to mention Dead Rising 4 is a timed exclusive for Xbox One and PC. This is a sign that Capcom will eventually put more Dead Rising games on PS4. We all just have to wait for an official announcement on it.

As for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, this game was available for PS3 owners. The trophy listing for the PS4 version can be seen by clicking here. Since it’s a long time until Spider-Man PS4 comes out, it’s possible Marvel wants to earn some extra bucks by re-releasing an older popular game.

Again, this news should be treated as a rumor although Exophase are usually correct with their trophy listings. Hopefully Capcom and Activision make announcements for the games sometime very soon.

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  • Chris Sanchez

    Wow, people jubilating over a 10 year old game re-releasing.

    No AAA exclusive hitting PS4 anytime soon so I guess Sony is just doing what they gotta do.

    Stacking numbers to keep their fanboys active, indies, niche games, as long as they have the superior numbers ..

    Greatness does await .. the question is how long.

    • Diana Capaldi

      you fanboys are sad

    • Guest

      “No AAA exclusive hitting PS4 anytime soon”
      LOL and it’s a XB fanboy saying that. XB1 has just 4 AAA exclusives in 3 years and 0 upcoming announced. I guess there will be never any greatness if you’re a MS fanboy. :)

    • fabricio

      detroit become human, the new god of war, the new spiderman game, the last guardian, ni no kuni 2, nioh, dreams, death stranding, days gone, etc…?

      • MReprogle

        Along with whatever Sucker Punch has been working on. Yoshida said that he played an alpha of it about a year ago and said it was great, but didn’t give any hints. Hopefully, they’ve proven enough to start a new IP, cuz those guys are super talented. Oh, and throw whatever Naughty Dog is doing next, whether it’s actually TLOU 2 or something else.

        And, who could leave out From Software’s PS4 exclusive JRPG as well as Bloodborne 2. The first Bloodborne alone beats any X1 exclusive out, and it isn’t even close, so I don’t know why people keep reusing the old “greatness awaits” joke.

        Seriously, I could probably find a handful more exclusives that are more interesting than anything the X1 has coming up. I have an X1 gathering dust in my living room, and the only reason I bought it was for Gears 4. After that, it’s back to the place that has consistent exclusives and better hardware..

    • Mr Xrat

      No exclusives is the hallmark of the Xbone now. Back to your hole.

    • Butts Mcgee

      I guess it’s the same way I bought the same movie on VHS and DVD.
      And the same way I bought music on Casette, CD and Mp3.
      Shockingly, people like to experience things again, especially on a preferred platform.

  • GBuster

    Excited for both games. Always been a big DR fan, but sad when Capcom went exclusive with the title.

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