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Rumor: Microsoft Buying Minecraft Developer Mojang Is Worth $2.5 Billion

| September 13, 2014

Rumor: Microsoft Buying Minecraft Developer Mojang Is Worth $2.5 Billion News Rumors  Mojang Minecraft Microsoft

It was reported a few days ago that Microsoft plans to purchase Minecraft developer Mojang. New details say the deal will be worth $2.5 billion.

The original report came from The Wall Street Journal that said Microsoft was in serious discussions to buyout Minecraft developer Mojang for around $2 billion.

Reuters has some interesting new details on the story. According to their source who knows about the situation, they say the deal is worth a whopping $2.5 billion. They also revealed Microsoft will make an official announcement on the matter this upcoming Monday (September 15th).

Reuters said $2.5 billion is “small change” to Microsoft as they already have “$86 billion in cash and short-term investments”. Obviously this means Microsoft has a lot of money and $2.5 billion to buy Mojang will not hurt them financially in any way. Reuters did however say that this will be one of the biggest video game acquisitions in history. If you remember, Facebook acquired Oculus Rift for $2 billion earlier this year.

The implications for Microsoft to acquire Mojang are huge. If Minecraft is to be Microsoft exclusive, the Xbox One could have a potential huge hit if Minecraft 2 is ever made. The game could still be released on PC and Windows Phones, but other platforms would be out of the equation.

All we can do right now is wait until Monday to see if Reuters is right about Microsoft making an announcement on the deal.

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  • njb

    how is mojang worth 2.5 billion. that’s crazy

  • Duke

    Yes, we all know that Microsoft has lots of money and $2.5b is nothing for them. But $2.5b is far too much for a developer who only has 1 proven game and that game is available on almost every system there is. I would be going for a proven developer like Remedy who already have a great relationship with MS and would cost far less. Only a few studios would be worth that kind of money in my mind and Mojang isn’t one of them. Though it does make a statement.

    • wsard

      Mojang has 3 games

      • Duke

        And of those 3 games, 1 has been released. For the other 2, 1 is being developed by a different developer and published by Mojang and the other game (Scrolls), I don’t believe we have heard much about it for a while now.

    • Mike

      One “proven” game that happens to be one of the most successful(currently the best-selling PC game ever) and groundbreaking games of all time. Gee I don’t know…

      • DeathCaptain

        Not the “Best Seling PC Game ever” what about world of warcraft?
        And I’m Not hating Minecraft is one of my favorite games

        • Bluesky 000

          it actually is the #1 bestselling game of all time, WoW is #2. Check wikipedia.

      • Duke

        It is still only 1 proven game. I don’t deny that buying them would be a huge coup and can boost sales. But I would say that $2.5b is too much for them.

        Put it into perspective that Activision bought themselves out from Vivendi a year ago for like $8b, considering they have many studios, thousands of employees, a crap tonne of big IP’s. Comparing the 2, Mojang are 1 studio, have 1 big IP and less than 50 employees. It’s hard to see how it makes sense.

  • Ryan

    “Microsoft Buying Minecraft Developer Mojang Is Worth $2.5 Billion” Say waa?

    • Le Guest

      Well, at least it wasn’t EA, ’cause then they would make modding nearly impossible, put out loads of DLC, make the graphics worse, and probably a ingame “Minecraft Store.”

      • MS will do all that and more. Pull it from every platform except their own. Rewrite it in .net using DirectX. Make Minecraft 2, 3, 4, 5, Remastered, Reskinned, and the list goes on.

  • Wizard of Peace

    Lets have a moment of silence for Mojang… because we all know their now dead.

    • Lacerz

      2.5 billion… after all sales to date. They’re laughing their way to the bank. That they now own.

      • Wizard of Peace

        lol i just dont think this was too smart on Microsofts end.

        • Lacerz

          I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. But if MS wants to waste 2.5 bil, let them.

    • Revolver Ocelot

      Mojang quitting after six months too. It’s a real shame.

      • The PC Master Race

        At a silky smooth PS4 standard 20FPS

        • TNGG

          Minecraft for playstation is going to go down real fast. microsoft and sony are competitive companys so if mojang lets microsoft buy them, minecraft on ps4 is no more

          • Terminator

            or Sony gives Microsoft a poriton of Minecraft sales… who wouldnt want their competition to give them money?

          • silly9,7

            I have also heard that if Microsoft buys it, they will make every uncommon block like stained clay or obsidian 0.99 per block. But I personally think that this Is a rumor. And also I think you are arguing with a lot of people so please stop



    • Crista


  • Lacerz

    I wish I had $2.5 billion to throw away.

  • whitepokefrost

    this is really just bs since microsoft basically fucks up everything it touches. And Minecraft 2? This isn’t a game that they can have sequels

    • errrrm no…

      it doesn’t have to mean it is a sequel. In the gaming world it can also just mean a revamp or the next gen version of the game, microsoft will be revamping the game and releasing it on their software only, the cash they will earn from people having to use their software to play the extremely popular game will earn them their money back easy

      • Crista

        But it is low down and sneaky. I guess no update coming anymore. That will make me not buy one ever. Screw Microsoft. They are going to ruin a great thing.

  • The PC Master Race

    At a silky smooth 30FPS


      Stop saying that

      • Guest

        Troll getting trolled !!! HA HA HA!!!

        Sad really.

  • allvalve

    There will be the for and against arguments among the gaming community, so I’ll break it down:

    For- Microsoft know what they are doing in the gaming world, their massive bid to buy Rare from Nintendo proves this.

    Against- Microsoft don’t know what they are doing in the gaming world, their massive bid to buy Rare from Nintendo proves this.

    For- Minecraft is a massive hit across multi platforms, buying it now guarantee’s success no matter what the cost.

    Against- Minecraft is a massive hit across multi platforms, buying it now guarantee’s that the sequel will be a massive flop as it will be exclusive to Xbox One.

    For- 2.5 billion is small change for Microsoft.

    Against- If Minecraft 2 was to make at least £10 per copy, they would have to sell 25 million copies to less than 5 million Xbox One owners.

    For- Xbox One is more powerful than the PS4, and has better games than the Wii U.

    Against- The previous “for” argument is a total lie.

    • errrrm no…

      Last one made me laugh, Xbox more powerful than ps4 lol them Xbox fans get so mad at ps being better every time, ive had both and it doesn’t take an expert to see the huge difference, i sold that Xbox in a heartbeat.

      • EP1C

        No huge difference that I can see? just subtle and thats the truth :/

        • errrrm no…

          nah i had both, totally noticed it when i put them both on with the same game, ps4 all the way and thats also the truth :

    • No

      The second against made me laugh, there will never be a Minecraft 2, that’s not how it works.

      • allvalve

        Trust me, for the money they have paid there will be a Minecraft 2. along with a multitude of dodgy spinoffs. Minecraft Halo edition etc.

  • microsoft sucks balls

    Well, that is the end of minecraft as we know it!

    • errrrm no…

      i hope so, it really needs a revamp, they need to sort the graphics and glitches (sheep climbing trees….) out and add a lot more craftable items to the game.

      • Jon

        Minecraft literally needs none of those things. I think you just need to play a different game.

        • errrrm no…

          needs both

      • Crista

        That is what we all know and love about this game. It’s going to go to shit now.

    • EP1C

      Of course you would say that lol Butthurt!


    $ony is only worth 20b$ lmao! Next ms will buy them

    • Argument

      That would not make sense especially since they are the main competitor and the ps4 is out selling the xbox one (it would be a devastating blow to console gaming more or less if Sony is no more) but then again pc master race

    • $113353191


  • Jack

    For those who didn’t know Microsoft were talking of acquiring mojang over a year ago behind closed doors. This has been planned for a long time

  • mojang has got to be worth more than that. they should stay indie! don’t feed the beast!

  • MeAI

    If minecraft got changed when it comes, i will stop using windows!

    • MeAI


  • Stormhound07

    no, microsoft, cant do this. THEY CANT

    • Le Guest

      pfft, easy.
      just get mac or linux

  • JT

    This game is so stupid. It’s just a little kids game with blocks.

    • Jill

      That’s what everyone says until they play it.

      Did you know it’s the best-selling PC game of all time? Certainly not because it’s a “little kids game with blocks”.

  • Guest

    I used to think microsoft was cool. I don’t anymore…

  • TheFestiveMedic

    I wold rather die than let Microsoft get their hands on Minecraft…

    • Mike

      Then maybe you should reassess your priorities…

    • J

      RIP TheFestiveMedic

  • livefrmhollywood

    This is total economic and legacy suicide for both parties. Mojang has always been a tiny Indie company, and that has been a huge part of the allure of Minecraft. A single programmer had a good idea that created the largest game of our time and will probably have the greatest impact on the video game industry than any other game for years to come. The company is so simple, so personable:The Mojangsters use their usernames in public, something that Microsoft would never do; Dinnerbone and Jeb have played on various MindCrack UHCs and Notch was on a MindCrack Charity Livestream; all of the code and mechanics for slimeblocks being able to push multiple blocks was written by the ZipKrowd, and added into the game because Jeb liked it. And lets not forget about how heavily Mojang has relied on the community! Minecraft would be no where today if it were not for Bukkit (please excuse what it is now) and Forge, both community/personal projects that the community did because it loved the game so much. And Mojang doesn’t even hold itself very high above the players, considering that it only costs a ONE-TIME purchase of 27$ on PC! They could charge far more and the world would still buy it, but they don’t because they don’t care about money, as Notch has said many times before. And let’s not forget the YouTube and Reddit community: If Microsoft put any kind of an embargo or limitation on videos, millions would stop playing.

    Microsoft would never keep the game the same. They would charge far more per copy, monetize all servers and release new versions as full games. And that assumes they would even keep to the normal release schedule! Chances are they would attempt a Minecraft 2, but no one would buy it. The community would keep using the old versions, and use mods for anything new they want, but boycott whatever features Microsoft wanted to sell. We would make cracked servers, fix Bukkit and make servers profitable again, and the community would stay with the old.

    Think of how everyone hates Internet Explorer. If you look at the facts, the modern versions like IE11 are not bad, and perfectly comparable to Chrome. But it doesn’t matter, Microsoft is tainted, and that’s exactly what will happen to Minecraft if MIcrosoft buys Mojang.

    • Mike

      “If Microsoft put any kind of an embargo or limitation on videos, millions would stop playing.”

      I think it’s a safe assumption that Microsoft is well aware of that already. It’s common knowledge that Minecraft’s popularity is due to it’s community. If you think Microsoft is going to spend $2.5 to ruin that then you’re delusional.

  • Just a guy

    Minecraft 2?
    just no

    • mathmaticks

      no, Minecraft 2.5Billion.. LuLz (;

  • Slime

    Dont tell me that i bought this game for no reason, and i would need to rebuy it from microsoft?? No kidding its tae worst…

  • stever

    this must be false. jeb never even talked about and that message that notch posted was like 2012. PS4 just came out then they just sell minecraft?! thats crazy, also there’s plans of minecon coming and they didnt say it was cancelled. minecraft is worth more than 2.5 billion dollars.

  • ElementMaster

    If they get rid of all the other versions of MineCraft they would loose serious money. That would be a horrible idea. Do they thing that people with Macs and other consoles are just going to change to the piece of trash they call Xbox One specifically for that reason?

  • ElementMaster

    And they are paying 2.5 Billion Dollars, that loss plus the removal of other versions that aren’t Windows and they will loose serious money.

  • JackDiamond_

    End of Minecraft

  • Scrabbies

    Ok so they said in the article that it would only be available for windows phones, pc, and x-box. Then that just rips everybody off who has bought the game for ps3 and ps4 and the way they made it sound any phone other than windows phones. Mojang would have to give all the money back to the people who have bought the game for those systems/devices. It may not be alot of money in the long run (quite a bit but not a lot for them), it would take quite a bit of time refunding all of the people around the world. I personlly think it is a bad idea for Mojang to accept. If they accept it then the whole community for Minecraft would probably change. I had a friend say that Microsoft would probably go and not allow any content for minecraft not made by mojang themselves. Aka no modding from outside people no resource packs. After saying that he went on to say that if they did allow it that it would have to run throught them and have to be payed for. Not rather that would happen or not I do not know and nor does anyone else other than Microsoft. Sorry for my rambling on and on about it I just feel like Minecraft and Mojang are good as is and that Mojang should not accept the offer.

    • stever

      they just made it available for the ps4. then all of a sudden they sell minecraft make no sense. but i really don’t think its true though

  • Terminus_43

    I’m just glad that its NOT Electronic Arts that’s trying to buy Mojang. Anyone who knows gaming knows that anything that Electronic Arts touches turn to poo.

  • I♥️minecraft

    Freaking idiots people are gonna go a wire when they sell mojang !!!! I’m already mad‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • stever

    Guys i’m really thinking this is fake.


    Nooooooooo minecraft gamers are fucked



  • Crista, KJ and Alonni

    That would be bad if they take away PS3, my kids and I pay it all of the time on there. I was worried Microsoft might change it to much but I was willing to embrace even that. Taking it away from PS3 would make me mad. Don’t sell Mojang

  • wizard101transcended .

    anyone got any news??? i can’t sleep until i know

  • Michael

    If Microsoft were to buy Minecraft in general I bet that Mojang would still be creating the game just with a “few” more people to make the production faster. If that happens however, Notch would be leaving the company forever. (For a reference check @Notch on twitter, His official twitter)

  • crazychicken

    it is way to low minecraft is still being bought alot

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