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Rumor: Microsoft Planning To Make Xbox 360 Games Region Free For Backwards Compatibility

by Damian Seeto


One of the negative things about the Xbox 360 was that it wasn’t region free like the PS3. This changed when Microsoft released the Xbox One. Some new evidence suggests the company is thinking of making Xbox 360 games region free now.

As reported by Spanish website SoloXboxOne, an Xbox support person specified during a chat that Microsoft is planning to make Xbox 360 games region free.

The support chat said: “Sure thing. Though right now, Microsoft and Xbox are already in discussions about it because most of our customers do not have Xbox 360 consoles anymore but only Xbox One but still want to get 360 games for backwards compatible games. 

So we are currently planning to remove region lock so customers can freely get 360 games without having a console that make use of local credit. But there’s no actual schedule yet for this plan. So we would like to recommend to our customers to look forward to this in the near future.

This is exciting news since not every NTSC Xbox 360 game had a PAL version and vice versa. Xbox owners could effectively now play any Xbox 360 game regardless of the region it comes from. It’s still in the planning stages, so we may have to wait for it.

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