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Rust Just Got A Little More Difficult, Rocketlaunchers Added


Rust, the ever popular survival game where you beat eachother with rocks as you run around naked and pray you can survive the night against wildlife and people who ‘just want to be for your friend’ just got a little bit harder.

An update regarding the game was posted on the Rust devblog regarding updates and fixes that have been added to the game based on the developer working on them. The ability to post and create signs has been implemented as well as rocketlaunchers which kind of take it to a whole new level. As seen in the video below from Rustafied Gaming. It is now officially unsafe to hide in your base thanks to rocketlaunchers. You can find a list of changes as mentioned by the developers below as well.

  • Bandages and syringes automatically revive players.
  • Waterpipe takes handmade shells for now.
  • Barricades are more susceptible to explosive damage.
  • Barricades can be destroyed by melee but also reflect damage (GL/HF).
  • Typing in chat when it’s off will no longer lock up your movement.
  • Decay is scaled by how landlocked the building block is.
  • Fixed some blueprints being usable in belt bar.
  • Fixed solid bushes.
  • Fixed not failing to connect properly when server full.
  • Improved performance when shooting.
  • Fixed sign skybridges.
  • Window bars collider is accurate.
  • Fixed building placement effects not showing.
  • Ragdolls react to bullet/hit.
  • Fixed building blocks sometimes not snapping together.
  • Fixed it being difficult to add a floor to the top of a wall.
  • Dev/Admin can hold F6 to see colliders.
  • Dev/Admin can press F5 to see info on what they’re looking at.
  • Added giveall for admins.
  • Added giveto for admins.

Fans can also expect cloud improvements among other things in the game. Check out the full Devblog for more info on waht changes are in Rust.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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