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Sega could get Persona 5 and series in Index Bankruptcy

by William Schwartz


Sega could score the rights to Persona 5 and the series if they win a bidding war that they’ve recently engaged in.  Index, the financially addled parent company of Atlus is currently up for grabs. With it,  a number of popular game franchises could be added to Sega’s roster, which includes the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series’.

A report out of Bloomberg claims that bids for the company have gone as high as 200 million dollars, and the sale could be completed as early as the end of August. Index had previously filed for bankruptcy in Japan, but it didn’t appear to have a major impact on the release of games from Atlus, at least not in the foreseeable future. Their latest game, Dragon’s Crown, is setting up for a release this week.

It’s unclear if the financial problems of Index have permeated into Atlus’ longer term plans for other big franchises. From the outside, it appears like business as usual for the company. It was recently discovered that a domain registration for Persona 5 was recently placed.  So it would appear that Atlus is still very much planning for the future.

As for Sega, Atlus wouldn’t be a bad company to have under their wing as they expand their catalog of games and studios.  Atlus has been finding success in global markets where others have not.  Though unannounced,  Persona 5 could be their biggest game to date, considering how popular and well received Persona 4 was on the PlayStation 2 and PS Vita.  More recently, Persona 4 Arena was also lauded by critics and fans.

Earlier this year, Sega made the successful purchase of Relic in the THQ Bankruptcy, and recently released Company of Heroes 2.

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