Persona 5 domain registered in Japan

by AOTF Staff

A new domain has been registered for Persona 5 that has fans bracing for an announcement from Atlus about the long-awaited sequel. Index Corporation, parent company of Atlus, recently registered a domain for Persona 5 in Japan. This could signal that Atlus has plans to announce the sequel in the coming months, some are speculating that it could be as early as the Tokyo Games Show.

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Persona 4 released on the PlayStation 2, after the PlayStation 3 had already been released. The registration took place on June 25th, so it’s quite the fresh acquisition. The arrival of Persona 5 would be no surprise for anyone. It’s one of Atlus’ biggest franchises, and seemingly could help the Index Corporation out of the financial troubles that they’ve recently encountered.

But despite it being a no-brainer release, there’s been no official announcement as of this time. We’ll be watching Japan in the coming months to see what Atlus has up their sleeves for the Persona Series in the meantime.

Persona saw somewhat of renaissance in 2012. The great Persona 4: Golden for the PS Vita was released, and Persona 4: Arena was launched on current-gen consoles as well. So in case you were wanting to get up to speed on the happenings of Persona, there’s been plenty to sink your teeth into in recent releases.