Several Match Types Revealed In WWE 2K16

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Several match types for WWE 2K16 have been revealed. They have added a few things that were all missing from WWE 2K15.

YouTube user, CMPuLs3, uploaded a video looking at several of the match types in the game. His footage was taken from a near-final build for the game. There might be more match types in the full game, but this is what has been confirmed so far.

Bear in mind, some match types are exclusive only to the Stone Cold Steve Austin Showcase mode. The matches you see here are the ones that you can do in the Exhibition mode. The list below shows all of the match types known in WWE 2K16 far.

One-on-One: Normal, Falls Counts Anywhere, Iron Man, Submission, Extreme Rules, Table, No Holds Barred, Last Man Standing, Ladder, TLC, Steel Cage and Hell in a Cell.

Two-on-Two: Normal, Extreme Rules, Steel Cage, Elimination Tag, Elimination Tornado Tag, Hell in a Cell.

Handicap: One-on-Two tag, One-on-Three tag.

Triple Threat: Normal, Extreme Rules, Steel Cage, Hell in a Cell, Ladder, Table, TLC.

Fatal-4-Way: Fatal-4-Way, Fatal-4-Way Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere, Hell in a Cell, Ladder, Table, Steel Cage.

6-Man: Tag-Team, Elimination Tag, Battle Royal, Elimination Chamber, Hell in a Cell, Ladder.

Tournaments: Gold Rush, King of the Ring, Tag-Team

Royal Rumble: 10-Man, 20-Man, 30-Man.

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