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Shovel Knight: King of Cards Launches in Early 2018

by Kyle Hanson


Shovel Knight: King of Cards, the final planned piece of content for the 8/16-bit platforming game, will hit in Early 2018 across various platforms, including Nintendo Switch. Focusing on King Knight, players will once again play through a standalone adventure that reveals how the character became a part of the Order of No Quarter. This might not be the last we see of Shovel Knight, but it will be the last of the prequel series that has expanded the world of the franchise.

These prequels were originally stretch goals from the Shovel Knight Kickstarter, which became massively successful and launched one of the best modern platforming franchises out there. Along with King of Cards the team previously released Plague of Shadows and Specter of Torments, which focused on Plague Knight and Specter Knight respectively. There’s still other knights that the team could craft adventures around, but we haven’t heard anything just yet.

Shovel Knight was a surprise hit once it arrived following the Kickstarter campaign. So many Kickstarters have ended in disappointment as of late, and Shovel Knight stood out as one of the best success stories. The game brought back classic platforming gameplay with some modern twists that made it all work so perfectly. Watch for King of Cards and possibly more going forward.

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