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Silent Hill Returns As A Slot Machine

by Damian Seeto


Something new has been announced regarding the Silent Hill franchise and it’s not what you think it might be. They have debuted a slot machine based on the series…

You read that right. The new slot machine is being made by Japanese company Takasago. It’s just a slot machine with icons based on the Silent Hill franchise. This is the newest thing to come out of the franchise since Konami cancelled Silent Hills.

A lot of people are not happy with this reveal already. The YouTube video in question has a lot of dislikes and many people are upset that the franchise has been licensed off to something meaningless like this.

The Silent Hill slot machine will be available to play in Japan on October 2015. The trailer itself shows glimpses of the previous games, although gameplay has nothing to do with this slot machine.

People were worried Konami’s franchises would end up being abused like this. Many had thought they would be turned into mobile games at least. Nobody expected the series to be turned into a slot machine. The YouTube video is full of negative comments. There isn’t anyone out there that likes this idea.

Check out the insane trailer for the slot machine below:

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