Breaking Benjamin Singer Explains Why He Gave Star Wars Battlefront A Poor Review

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As reported a few days ago, Breaking Benjamin singer (Ben Burnley), posted a disparaging Instagram post about Star Wars Battlefront. The singer has now explained why he posted it and confirmed that EA tried to pay him off to give a positive review on it.

WCCY interviewed Burnley and asked him why he hates Star Wars Battlefront. WCCY also asked him a little bit more on EA trying to pay him off to say good things about the game.

Burnley admitted that he’s a huge Star Wars fan, yet Battlefront is a game that he despises. He confirmed EA contacted him to post positive things about the game on his social media accounts. He wasn’t allowed to say how much he was paid though, but they did try and pay him off.

As we all know, Burnley did the opposite of what EA wanted him to do and gave a poor review for the game. He mentioned a lot of times that the game is “sh**ty”. He said that the “gameplay sucks”.

The thing he hates about the game is that the respawn system is broken. He says people shoot at you from behind and in front of you. He also says online games aren’t great too because you are relying on the internet all of the time. He also hated the hit detection in Star Wars Battlefront too.

Check out the full interview below:

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