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Skyrim VR is not a Full PSVR Exclusive, Coming to Vive in 2018

by Kyle Hanson


Skyrim VR was one of Bethesda’s big announcements at E3 2017. Sandwiched between paid mods and the reveal of Wolfenstein 2, the game got VR enthusiasts excited, though there were concerns over its apparent PSVR exclusivity. According to a new video from Gamespot though, the exclusivity looks to be timed at best, with a version of Skyrim VR heading to HTC Vive in 2018.

The video doesn’t give many more details, and doesn’t include any of Skyrim VR’s developers, it’s merely a recount of Gamespot’s conversation with Bethesda. It’s not yet clear how much later the game will hit the Vive, but fans of that VR headset should be excited at the news that it will arrive at some point.

The VR gaming market has been steadily developing over the last year, with PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift vying for control. Exclusives have become a regular thing, but the community is not very happy about this development. Oculus especially has been working to secure exclusives, with Sony earning exclusivity often by giving the game full development support. The Vive is a much more open platform, so it doesn’t really have exclusive games. Instead it tries to offer the best VR experience with full room scale from the very beginning.

Skyrim VR hits PSVR this November.

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