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Slakoth to Be the Next Pokémon GO Community Day Star

This Gen 3 Normal-type will take center stage next month.

by Dylan Siegler


This month’s Pokémon GO Community Day recently came and went, which means it’s time to get some details on next month’s Community Day. Since this month’s Community Day star was a starter, the trend dictates that next month’s Community Day will center around the first form of a miscellaneous, strong, third-stage Pokémon.

Niantic recently announced that next month’s Community Day will shine the spotlight on the Normal-type Slakoth from the Third Generation. On Saturday, June 8 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm local time, Slakoth will spawn much more frequently than usual, with an increased chance for players to find a Shiny Slakoth. In addition to this, Lures will last for three hours, instead of the usual half-hour, when started during Community Day hours and Eggs that start incubation during Community Day hours will hatch in a quarter of the distance usually required to hatch, meaning that 2km Eggs will hatch after walking just 0.5km, 5km Eggs will hatch after 1.3km, and 10km Eggs will hatch after 2.5km. Lastly, any Vigoroth that evolves into Slaking during these Community Day hours will learn an exclusive move that Slaking can’t normally learn in Pokémon GO. What exactly this move is has yet to be revealed, but it is likely to be a very strong Normal-type attack.

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