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Some Small New MP Info On Modern Warfare Remastered

by Damian Seeto


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is arguably more anticipated than Infinite Warfare this year. Raven Software has revealed some more tidbits on the multiplayer mode.

Designer for Modern Warfare Remastered, Amos Hodge, tweeted out the following: “ will have the original MP announcer VO for the original modes.

He also said the game will have the original playlists as seen in the 2007 video game. He further tweeted will have all playlists that launched with MW1, plus additional ones.

Hodge then confirmed that strafe jumping returns in the game. He also said this about Medal sounds: “The Medal sounds are being updated by Raven. They will be unique to #MWRemastered.

It was announced a few weeks ago that the game will have 16 maps that shipped with the original game. 10 of them will be available at launch, while the other remaining 6 will come out as free DLC in December.

The game is not just a multiplayer affair as the fun single player mode is also added in full. It may have “remastered” in its name, but a lot of the visual graphics have been remade from the ground-up. The game comes out on November 4th, although it’s only included with Infinite Warfare.

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