Sniper Elite 5: Release Date, Trailers, Multiplayer, and More Details

Fans of the franchise are will be excited about the new additions and improvements.

by Carlos Hurtado


Two weeks ago, Sniper Elite 5 was announced; it looks like players will get to play as their favorite sniper Karl Fairburne once again. The veteran Sniper featured on the Sniper Elite franchise comes back again on Rebellion’s new title. The Sniper Elite franchise goes back almost 20 years, and many fans of the series are still invested in this franchise. The new entry comes with impressive graphics, new details, and a lot more.

Sniper Elite 5 Release Date

So far, the developers at Rebellion have not given out a release date yet, fans of the series will have to settle on knowing that it is coming somewhere in 2022. Past launch dates are not consistent, so there is no way to predict the exact release date of Sniper Elite 5 at this time.

Latest Sniper Elite 5 Trailers

Sniper Elite 5 Cinematic Trailer

Sniper Elite 5 Reveal Trailer

When it comes to trailers, they do not show a lot of the new and improved features of the game, but they do let players see the impressive and cinematic graphics while explaining the game’s plot. The Cinematic Trailer shows Karl Fairburne going to extreme lengths to remain undetected while looking for the perfect opportunity to strike. So it is safe to assume that stealth will keep playing an important role as in past entries of the series.

The reveal trailer shows the other side of the coin. The reveal trailer features all the gore and action players have been enjoying in the last couple of entries. The X-ray cam looks like it keeps improving, and now it can be triggered not only by sniper shots but by pistols, SMGs, and even hand-to-hand combat.

Sniper Elite 5 Multiplayer Details

No one will be safe

Looks like Sniper Elite 5 developers took some inspiration from the Dark Souls series. Now enemy players can drop in another players’ playthrough and engage in a deadly and tension-filled game of cat and mouse. Luckily players will be able to call in assistance and request a second sniper to help you fight against your new foe.

Competitive Player Battles

According to the developers, players will customize their loadouts and characters before engaging in 16 player battles; something that will put players’ skills to the test. We can safely assume there is going to be a progression system. According to the developers, players will earn XP, ribbons, and medals.


Co-op matches will make a return in Sniper Elite 5. Three players will have to fight against waves of enemies on the Survival Mode.

Sniper Elite 5 will release in 2022 on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series S/X, and PS5.

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