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Social Games Maven, Zynga Going Public

by William Schwartz


The minds behind Farmville and other Facebook social gaming experiences is going public. Following the extremely successful IPO of Linked In, it appears that Wall Street sees big value behind the social media companies. And why not, especially in the case of Zynga. The company is making money hand over fist with its ‘Ville games.

At last check, Zynga is looking to raise $1 billion dollars in the offering. Having not had a chance to look at the prosepectus, it’s unclear what exactly they are looking to raise the money for. In most instances the company will outline a plan for what they are going to do with the company, whether that be paying off debts, facilitating expansions, or any number of objectives for the cash injection.

Look for this $1 billion dollar target to change as the underwriters find how much interest there is in the biggest Social games maker in the market.

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