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Sony Denies Deadline for the Return of PSN

by William Schwartz


Bloomberg reported earlier that the PlayStation Network would return fully on May 31st, according to a Sony spokesperson who issued a statement that may have been taken out of context.  However, SCEA Public Relations manager Patrick Seybold has issued clarification on the PSN matter.  The SCEA PR head announced that there is no such deadline in place to get the network up and running, and that there is no new information about when the PSN will come back online.

The service which has been down for about three weeks now, was scheduled to offer online play as early as last week before missing that window due to unforseen cirsumstances.  Although there is no specific date in place, it appears that Sony is taking an ‘it’s ready when it’s ready’ approach keeping safety of the network as the utmost priority for when the network is ready for customers to return.

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