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Sony Hints Next PS4 Firmware Update Is Coming Very Soon

by Damian Seeto


Sony has hinted that the next PS4 firmware update should be out very soon, although didn’t say what features will be added.

Sony’s Fred Dutton commented on the PlayStation Blog teasing that the next PS4 firmware update should be out very soon.

“I haven’t got news for you today, but the next update is not too far out. We’ll update you here asap.”

It has been several months now since PS4 firmware update 2.00 came out. That update was significant because it brought us Share Play plus lot of other cool things. The only updates that have been released since then have been minor stability fixes.

Sony did release PS4 firmware update 2.04 not too long ago. This was a faulty launch however, as some people had trouble downloading and installing the update. Thankfully, the issue resolved itself over time, but it wasn’t smooth when the update started rolling out.

PS4 firmware update 2.04 was also just a minor one as it was just released to make your console more stable. It didn’t add any new and significant features.

Many PS4 owners have lots of requests on what the next PS4 firmware update should add. Lots of users still want to be able to copy songs onto their hard drive, but also organize PS4 content into their own folders too.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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