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Sony – Over-Shipping Or Under-Stocking PS4 In NA?

by William Schwartz


A post on NeoGaf displaying a store tracker for main retailers in North America has shown that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is out of stock in a number of locations, whilst also demonstrating that Xbox One can still be currently picked up from a number of places.

There are evidently two ways of reading this information and the two parties involved will undoubtedly be stuck to their views. On the one hand, this could demonstrate that Sony are unable keep up with the retail success their console has had; selling out as fast as they can manufacture the hardware. On the flip side, some may see this as a poor course of judgement from Sony; why would they not ensure that they were capable of keeping enough consoles available for their dedicated fanbase, no matter the under-estimation?

Regardless of the light that individuals view this in, there is little doubt that console has been an overwhelming success. Similar views can be made of the Xbox One remaining in abundance, as it is just as easy to point the finger and ask; why have you NOT sold out? Whatever the reason behind it, Sony noted at a recent summit that they will certainly be working to get batches out more frequently as no consoles, means no revenue. Unless of course they are adept at keeping up with demand in NA, but are instead focusing on the upcoming release in Japan; a guaranteed consumer hot-bed.

A recent article on IGN demonstrates Sony directly acknowledging and addressing the issue at the previously mentioned internal company meeting, in which they stated the following –

“PS4’s are generally sold out at all retailers although regular supply is refreshing the channel. When demand outstrips supply, the promise of what’s to come is really critical.” They also went on to say that the company “has increased its market share” amongst the more dedicated gaming community.

Do you believe that the lack of consoles is down to an inability to keep up with demand? Maybe you think it was simply an oversight when anticipating the consoles success? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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