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Is Sony revealing the PS4 in February?

| January 31, 2013

Is Sony revealing the PS4 in February? News  PS4

Sony has a big reveal planned for next month, and has issued a teaser trailer that has many fans guessing what it might be. Naturally, the PS4 comes to mind when Sony sets the stage with invitations to press and investors for a February 20th reveal of something big.

Right now Sony is billing the event as a reveal regarding “the future of the PlayStation”, so this could very well be the moment of truth for those waiting patiently for the PlayStation 4.

Recent months have seen barrage of rumors about the timing and specifics of Sony’s next console, but it does seem odd that Sony’s Kaz Hirai told press recently that Microsoft would be revealing the next Xbox prior to the Sony’s reveal.

However, considering that the last reveal event of this type was for the Vita, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that this definitely a hardware announcement. Sony will pull back the curtains on whatever this is on February 20th.

The Future of the PlayStation


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  • strong

    OK y’all no i’m an Xbox 360 fan but when I herd the news of a big announcement I nearly crapped my self :D I can’t wait for next gen :)))))

  • Drone Hunter

    February 20th will officially be known as who the f**k cares day for years to come. Or possibly the day that Sony asked PlayStation fans to get a third job and whore the streets of their towns for the opportunity to play their games.

    • strong

      Trolls like you birth fanboys like Allen, just trolling for no good reason.

      • Allen

        Yo fuk you as$ wipe. I am not a troll. Drone, IHATEHIPSTERS, GreenRings those are trolls.

        I hate Xbox, WHAT THE FK IS WRONG WITH THAT? You sit there and tell me what the fk is wrong with me hating those as$ holes that rape everything that I love about gaming. Your personal preference is one thing, sitting there and getting butt fked by M$ is not mine. M$ Blatently Sh*ts on you. I LOVE PC, NINTENDO AND SONY. I love All gaming other than that which is no better than any other and fks you over time and time again. So go Fk yourself.

        Just look at the stupid xbot comments here. Where’s the good xbox gamers to help give you a better name. Jason, djmagnumb are good peeps but you just ruin it for everyone.

        • strong

          I think your bipolar and need to calm the f*** down, if you look at all my comments here i’m standing up for the PlayStation although i’d never buy it, you have always been selfish and self centered anyone who disagrees with you is stupid or getting raped by Microsoft. Me and you already argued over which one is better and I believe you ran out of 4 year old copy and pasted, heavily opinionated reasons….. sit your angry played out a** DOWN. BTW I didn’t call you a troll, I was calling Drone Hunter a troll and people like him turn Sony loyalists like you into fanboys, out of all the stupid negative comments here you chose to reply to mine….WHY ?

          • Allen

            Don’t use me or act like there’s something wrong with me. I see what you are saying and I’ve done everything I can to not go ape $hit on anyone or list out everything again (which I will in a split second if anyone needs a reminder of why xbox sucks in every measurable way).

            Micro$oft is to blame and any 13 year old idiot that lies to anyone about xbox/playstation. There are literally millions of idiots out there that just troll on Sony just for the hell of it because they game Xbox while Sony loses money for trying to give the most at the best cost and Micro$oft sits back and makes billions a year from riding the wave of these stupid lies. People actually even think that PS3 is the one that had overheating problems even. My freaking god, almost no one I talk to even has a clue so it’s all Micro$oft, the lying idiots (which include people that work in electronic departments/stores) and the media’s fault for not correcting anyone.

          • strong

            Do you know the meaning of insanity ? repeating the same thing over and over expecting sh*t to change, Far Cry said it best. I could care less if you copy and past your 5 year old excuses for why you act ape sh*t, nobody in their right mind would waist there time reading it. I’m all over this site giving complements and kudos to Sony and their products he** I even defend them despite how their loyalists treat me, i’m always on the positive until i’m provoked by mean ugly people who get off on calling others stupid or butt raped over a messily console choice. Its not Microsoft’s fault Sony released a $600 console a year after the competition with a ridiculously difficult cell processor, stop blaming their mistakes on Microsoft! The PS3 is suppose to pass the 360 world wide soon, be happy about that and stop holding grudges on a d*** company. I’m tired of arguing with you


            He hasn’t taken his meds today, just flag him, nobody deserves to be sworn at and abused.


          William please ban this troll, this is unacceptable.

  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    PS3 = disappoint
    PS Vita = disappoint

    whatever else Sony makes = I’m not falling for it again.

    I liked PS2 but those days are long gone.

    • $25193756

      How was ps3 a disappoint? Explain?

      • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

        My biggest disappointment with PS3 was how bad all the third party games were on this console. Add in the fact that everytime you turn it on you have either a big firmware update or game update that takes forever to download and install and eventually you stop turning it on altogether. I also thought PSN would get better this gen, but it didn’t. Xbox Live is paid service so yes its better, but PSN isn’t even close in terms of its features.
        So I played my PS3 for a lot of exclusive games, but those games were pretty underwhelming. Outside of the pretty graphics a lot of PlayStation exclusives are all hype.

        • Allen

          LOL, everything you say is total sh#t. Nice troll comment though we all know you are just full of it. Dumb asses like you obviously didn’t game online before this gen.

          • Dr. Ken

            Trust me, I’m a doctor!

        • bigjershby

          from what ur saying u dont own a ps3 and r grossly exaggerating if u did u would know thats troll talk

          • Dr.Ken

            See how dusty

          • poos3

            bigJ got owned, then t-bagged, then Dr. Ken owned his women and horses too.

          • Allen

            Only an xbot would consider doing a dudes horses. Sounds about right, M$ screws you and all you can do is kick the dog and screw a horse of course.

          • GREENRINGS


          • bigjershby

            then use it psn is just as good as xbl xbl as a 2gig download limit psn dont (psn downloads r bigger) ive had gamefly for almost 5 years i can count on 1 hand how many times a updates took more them 5 min if u looked at things more closely u would see for the past few years theres been just as many multiplats better on ps3 and if u looked even closer then u would realise it doesnt matter witch platform u play multiplat games on its the same experience(unless u have a new pc) ur eyes cant see 2-3 FPS r 2% screen tear there was 4 firmware updates in 2012 1 optional u fanboy

          • bigjershby

            1 more tidbit for ur “better cuz u pay for it” xbl new flash this happens alot

          • bigjershby

            1 more tidbit for ur “better cuz u payfor it” xbl news flash this isnt new

        • $25193756

          Entitled to your own opinion. I’ve had xbox 360, but the only thing you really get from their ”better” online service is across game chat, Also, what type of internet you have? My downloads are fast as hell on ps3. I mean, it’s free and you get online. Or just compare it to xbox’s free service, what do you get? The only thing xbox really has is eye candy that makes you feel like you get your money’s worth. Yes, games suck more on ps3 but blame the developers not the console because it could’ve been the other way around. It could’ve been developers not being accustomed xbox architecture and more accustomed to ps3. It really isn’t that bad like people try to make it seem. Free online, play games, and that’s it. What is there really to complain about?

  • koko

    the bots jelly

  • skapoo

    Nyeeeeeh PLAYSTATION SUCKS!!! The ps4 is gonna be trash like
    everything sony makes. No good games, all garbage!! Blu ray is stupid and looks freakin horrible!!! Cramming everything onto one disc is soo stupid! At least when I lose a disc I still have some of the game.. When will
    everyone realize that the only things worth a smart persons time is
    Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty. They all look way better than that
    killzone anyways, I never played it but I heard from the halo4lyfe
    fanclub it’s trash. Everyone killed them alot cause the game sucks. Sony always screws up, those idiots put wifi on the
    ps3 waaay before it became popular, wireless controllers too, foresight is overrated, unlike Halo OSTD, a real original exclusive not like anything else. The Folding@Home project was a bunch of tom foolery too. I don’t wanna help people, I wanna call them names and make super funny mom jokes that only someone elite as me seem to get. The PS4 is already dead, xbox 451 is gonna rule!

    • strong

      OH… MY… GOD :O

    • $25193756

      Too obvious lol.

  • DrumStickNinja

    I came and my heart skipped a beat.


    They are announcing that due to the ps3 being such a failure they are exiting the console business.

    • Underworld

      Failure? Lmao. Oh you xbots make me laugh. I have both consoles, but the ps3 is better quality. Reliable, free online and a good range of great exclusives. Something xbox lacks bad!
      Oh and virtually neck and neck in sales despite launching a year after 360.

      • ThirdWorldConsole

        Playstation only popular if you live Slovakia or some poor country. Here in the US PlayStation is the worst. Nobody I know has that crappy console, because Americans work and pay for nice things like Xbox Live.

        • Underworld

          Hahaha, ok you keep telling yourself that. Ps3 is outselling 360 all across Europe, japan and pretty much everywhere else, and is doing fine in the US.

          And there’s nothing wrong with psn, and it’s free. You pay for things ps3 users get for free.

          I don’t hate 360 at all. But stupid comments like above just annoy me.

  • Drone Hunter

    If it’s possible to flop with a press conference Sony will do it. We can call it “The Great February Flop” I hope to god they come out with their holier than though crap again. They haven’t learned their lesson either, just look at the Vita. Bad news Sony fans, this console is going to be an over-priced POS….AGAIN.

    • Allen

      You mean like the M$ E3 conference this last year? Get up there and show off a multi platform game! LOL.

  • djmagnumb

    PS4 announcement or Xbox 720 announcement, I don’t give a rats sas which one it is, I’m just glad to finally hear SOMEONE is making an announcement……BRING ON NEX GEN YIATCH3S.!

  • LMAO

    Hey Roadho , you worried bro? #PS4Fail

  • GreenRings

    Damn Sony is really making another console? I though they would have given up after the last one. I guess I have to come out of retirement.

    • DrumStickNinja

      Yeah. Sony should give up already so we can all be doomed to play the same 2 games forever and pay to play until we lose our houses. You hear that M$ is trying to get people to subscribe to M$ office? LOL, I wonder where they learned they could make billions for nothing from. Could it be..yep…it’s your fault.

    • strong