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PlayStation 4 Live Stream

| February 20, 2013


PS4 Live Stream begins at 6pm EST

PlayStation 4 Live Stream News  Sony PSVita PS4 PlayStation 4 PlayStation   Later today Sony will reveal the next-generation of PlayStation. The good news is, we’ll finally hear from the horse’s mouth what the company has planned for gamers in the years ahead. The other good news is that we’ll likely get a breather from all of the PlayStation 4 rumors that have been circulating lately.

While it’s hard to tell exactly how much Sony is going to divulge at their PlayStation Meeting scheduled for later today in New York, we’ll hear something at the very least. The event is scheduled to kick-off at 6pm EST, and you can watch the live stream of the event in the video player above, via UStream, or on the PlayStation website.

There have been many reports that suggest today is the day for the big reveal, Sony’s not going to have a bigger moment this year where the spotlight is shining directly on them. With hype built to a fever pitch, anything less than a proper PS4 reveal will be a bit of a letdown.

As you may remember, Sony’s last console reveal did not go so smoothly. Giant Crabs and exorbitant price tags overshadowed a lot of the great features of the new system. I’m willing to bet that Sony will not pull a repeat with whatever they’ve got planned for later today.

While it’s not a 100% certainty that Sony will reveal their next-gen hardware at this event, it has certainly being predicted by many. We’ve seen sightings of the PlayStation 4 controller, news from developers who are excited to show off their next-gen games, and of course there are the industry analysts who have already marked today as the day of the big reveal.

Will Sony continue to push first party excellence with their next console? Will they start charging for the PlayStation Network? We should get a clearer picture of what the next generation will be after Sony’s event. Since we’ve all got our own hopes for what Sony delivers with their next-gen hardware, let us know what yours are in the comments section below. And of course, if you come back to watch the event live, let us know your thoughts on Sony’s reveal, whatever that ends up being.

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  • XbotAllen

    Probably the same old YLOD, average games, bad internet connections, firmware updates, hacked networks, pay for demo services, overpriced, pos that Sony has given us in the past. That said, I’ll be here with popcorn so I can laugh and watch the the PlayStation go down in flames.
    If this generation has proven anything its that the PlayStation is out of touch. I don’t know how you get that back, but clearly whatever they announce needs to be a pretty significant change from the decisions that they made in the current gen.
    I won’t say that I’ll never get a PS4 or whatever they end up calling it, but I certainly wont be there day 1. It doesn’t matter what Sony announces today, this thing could make gold bars out of poo for all I care. There will be a bare minimum of one year wait time before I get a new PlayStation if I get one at all.

    • Guest

      I’ll take PS4 over your piece of crap, RROD, paid online, hacked, no exclusives, poor excuse of a console Xbox…

      • Truth Be Told

        I don’t know what XbotAllen is talking about, probably because I didn’t read the whole thing but the PS4 has way better service and internet connections.

        On another note I really can’t wait for the reveal.

    • notregistering


    • Allen

      Ever heard of RDOD? Red Dot of Death? It’s what the new xbox slims do when they overheat. It doesnt ruin them any more but it does shut down for hours at a time.

      Calling the xbox slims RDOD is like saying PS3 YLOD. It’s completely stupid…NOTHING CAN EVER COMPARE TO RROD – 5 freaking years of 55% FAILURE. NOTHING. Playstation could be hacked 100 times and it won’t compare to the 45 MILLION bunk 360’s out there thanks to RROD. I don’t think any company could look any worse.

      Oh but it can. It can also be the same company that is the only one in the world pay to play. forced upgrades on PC and xbox gamers. Expensive proprietary upgrades for wifi or HDD. Crappy wayyyy overpriced controller & LOL gimmicky motion controls while stomping on their core gamers.

      I LOL @ any fool that says PSN has bad internet connections. You are so full of crap and I can’t tell you how many lags, disconnects, freezing & transporting I”ve seen on 360 (but that’s online play. LAg will always be there depending on all the different circumstances. Personally I see much less on my PS3 than my PC and certainly less than I’ve seen on my cousins 360 (LOL Gears of WAr 2).

      All you need to know is that Xbox will continue to be pay to play. Some of it’s exclusives will still make it to PC, it will still have no free exclusive content & will prob. have expensive proprietary upgrades again. ITS NOT WORTH IT FOR 2 GOOD EXCLUSIVES THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY PLAYED A MILLION TIMES AND THAT HAVE A VERSION OF IT ON PC.

      Never in a million years would I get an xbox (I feel you have to be stupid to but trying to give some of you the benefit of doubt).



    • Drone Hunter

      This sounds like a reasonable fellow.

      • Filip

        The fact that Xbox 360 had such failure rate,is a good thing for next gen,as Microsoft has learned their lesson when it comes to reliability…If any next gen console has such problems,i bet it’ll be PS4,not the next Xbox :)

  • ian covert

    Make compatible with all the other systems games its worthless to make something that you can’t use older games on it and yet the remake of older games are not cheap. Needs to able to play older games and what ever else you do. Its a perfect system been playing since the play station love it.

    • Nathan Walby

      I disagree. I rarely play more than two or three games at a time. Once I’ve bought something else, chances are the game I’m becoming bored with will sit on the shelf for the rest of its life.

      What I really want is more connectivity between medias. I want to watch movies, play games, and use the internet without ever leaving my chair. I’d really love it if I didn’t even have to use disks anymore. Why can’t I just buy a code that will download the game for me.

      • Allen

        Backwards compatability doesn’t have to be for you but it certainly is a huge bonus for everyone. PS2 had over 10,000 titles for it. Imagine if every PS3 could play those while it built up it’s library. It would be like something i’ve seen before…..oh yes the best selling console of all time the PS2 was backwards compatible and was an easy sale to girfriends/wives. “But baby it can play DVD, CD PS1 AND PS2 games) and they were sold.

  • srcharlisa

    As long as you can play ps3 games as well as the new games play station has always been better than xbox

  • Nathan Walby

    I’ve come to realize over the years that I shouldn’t harbor brand loyalty will looking at these video game systems. Building a system that is going to be the basis of your company for the next 7 to 8 years has got to be one of the hardest jobs because all three major platforms have created amazing and disastrous products. The PS3 was crowned the king of gaming systems before it came out, and almost instantly it became the worst of the three. The Wii was a surprise hit when it came out, and the WiiU, not surprising at all, was a dud even before christmas. The xbox 360 was considered outdated by the time the PS3 and Wii came out because it couldn’t play Blueray disks- but 7 years later I still don’t own a blueray disk and I’ve even stopped uses DVDs because I now watch movies online through the xbox.

    During the course of these last 6 to 7 years, everything has changed in the video game world. I use my system every day for hours, but I play games on it only a couple of times a week. Am I looking for something with better graphics? No, I’m looking for something that will replace all my electronics. I want a system that can become my computer, phone, DVD player, sound system, and even more that I can’t think of myself. I want a system that can take the responsibility as the main component in my living room. Which system will be able to deliver that? Obviously not the Wii U, but we’ll have to wait and see between the PS4 and the Xbox720 who will better achieve these lofty desires.

  • Mark Hatridge

    So cool,…thanks sony!

  • Justin

    Will this be on TV?

  • Allen

    OMFG I think Battlefield 4 is going to be revealed with PS4! There’s hints of it popping up everywhere!

    • XbotAllen

      Obviously you don’t understand the natural order of things.

      Battlefield 4 is best on PC>Xbox 360>Wii U>A Shoe>PooStation 4

      • Drone Hunter

        True Dat

      • DrumStickNinja

        Oh look, you are copying Allen

        PS4>PC>WiiU>PSVita>3DS>PSP>DS>Smartphones/tablets>pushing a hoop with a stick>720

        • XbotAllen

          Who’s copying? First you try to take my name with that Guest account and then you try and say the same things as me.. You lame bro.

          • GreenRings

            I wouldn’t worry about him. He’s been copy and pasting the same thing for two years. Tonight should interesting, I’m not expecting much given this is Sony and all, but we’ll see.

      • Allen

        Oh look, you are continuing to copying me. It must suck being so unoriginal and have so little to back up your opinions that you stoop to the lowest levels. It’s okay, things would be better if you continued to support xbox. We’d hate to have idiots like you wasting space on our games. You deserve xbox…you deserve to have no good exclusives, expensive and very limited hardware and you deserve to pay $300 every 5 years for the rest of your life for something that is free everywhere else. More of it to ya

        PS4>PC>WiiU>PSVita>3DS>PSP>DS>Smartphones/tablets>pushing a hoop with a stick>720


      PS4 isn’t powerful enough to run it sorry

  • Jason

    I can’t wait to see what the Next gen beholds! Xbox and Playstation :)

  • Dave

    The problem with fanboys is they no longer care for the quality of games… What happened to epic games ppl could enjoy for countless hrs, not a repetitive shooter that consumes hrs of making no progress except lvling up your prestige or your wings… The satisfaction with these simplistic games now have captured millions. Remember when ppl would speak of the story of game? When games where so expansive that you could talk about a multitude of awesome games you’ve been playing? Not anymore, just a bunch of 8 hr games that have mostly cinematic features that cause great movies but not great games. I’ve been disappointed for quite some time.


      agree gears sucks now

  • strong

    What in the h*ll is up with all this hate O.O im excited, why would you hate on any system that’s not come out yet ? I can’t find one person on Attack of the fanboys whose not a flaming fanboy.


    ready guyz?

  • Oh yeah!

    • Allen

      This is awesome!

  • Oh damn, my PS Vita purchase just might pay off.

  • Allen

    Free exclusive content for PS gamers on Bungie’s next game Destiny! ROFLMFAO

    • strong

      I bet you the 720 will also have exclusive content for Destiny you can quote me on that :D

  • strong

    That conference could not have gone better, Killzone was mind blowingly beautiful and if the Ps4 is $450 or under it will definitly be a first day buy from me. I’m loving what they did with that controller thank god they fixed the weight problem and trigger buttons, it will be interesting to see how the 720’s reveal will be in comparison and what Nintendo will do. No hating -_-