Where Was Spider-Man In The Captain America: Civil War Trailer?

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Captain America: Civil War is a little under half a year from release and the hype is insane right now following the big drop of the first trailer for the movie last night during Jimmy Kimmel Live. The trailer showed us a lot of awesome stuff, but there happened to be a few missing names that we know are involved.

The trailer for Captain America: Civil War focuses mostly on Captain America, Bucky, and Falcon, but we see tons of other characters, most notably Iron Man. We also see our first glimpse at Black Panther, which looks great, but a few others were left out, including one newcomer.

Vision and Ant-Man were introduced earlier this in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man respectively, with both of them returning in Captain America: Civil War. However, both are missing in the trailer, though we have heard that Vision will be on Iron Man’s side while Ant-Man will be on Cap’s side. Though of course Ant-Man could have technically been in every scene in the trailer in miniature form.

The only real letdown of this spectacular trailer is the lack of Spider-Man. We had the major announcement earlier this year that Sony had made a deal with Marvel to bring him into the fold, starting with Captain America: Civil War. Tom Holland was cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man later in the filming process, so it’s likely he isn’t involved for the entire film, but I’m surprised they didn’t tease something, if even a web swinging sound effect.

While it is disappointing to not get a glimpse at this new Spidey for the first time, his not being included does make a lot of sense. It helps to show that this is at its core a Captain America centric movie, while also keeping up the suspense for when we might finally get to see Marvel’s Spider-Man for the first time.

My guess would be they will hold off on the big reveal for the next or even final trailer, as I highly doubt they’d hold it back for the film, as they know his appearance in the trailer will certainly help to sell even more tickets.

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