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Spiders Games presenting new RPG Greedfall at a Press Event

by Joshua Evans


Spiders Games, best known for their RPGs with amazing ideas but questionable execution, has announced that they will be announcing a brand new RPG called Greedfall via an announcement event. Got to love the gaming industry. By the look of their tweet, it looks very pirate like. At least judging from the included picture. Which is very good news because the world could always use more pirate games. Especially after Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag reminded the world that good pirate games besides Tales of Monkey Island and Sid Meier’s: Pirates, do exist. Then immediately gamers all remembered that we want more of them.

Other RPGs by Spiders Games have really been of the love it or hate it sort, with mostly mixed reviews. However they always have an absolutely fascinating premise. The Technomancer, their latest game, seems to be continuing the Spiders Games tradition of horrendously clunky but fun. Unfortunately it means even die hard fans have a massive difficulty recommending their games due to the aforementioned love it or hate it thing Spiders has got going with their games.

A good starting point to see if you like Spiders style of games (before diving in and grabbing Greedfall at full price) would be Mars: War Logs. It is generally the best reviewed of their games, and is the cheapest, even more so during a Steam sale. Mars: War Logs also has all the same fun and clunky design that other Spiders titles contain, with an amazing world, decent combat, and a protagonist who sounds like he is only in the plot because he had nothing better to do after his brunch was canceled.

Still, if anyone can pull off a pirate RPG, Spiders Games can. In a beautiful, clunky, and flawed, way. I mean, they managed to make a melee combat based game set on Mars.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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