Splitgate Achievements and Trophies

Splitgate Achievements and Trophies List

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The achievements and trophies list has been revealed Splitgate, the brand new free-to-play shooter that came out of nowhere to dominate the gameplay charts. At the moment, despite being available to play on both Xbox and PlayStation, the trophies are not live for PlayStation. You can still unlock them, though they will not sync to the PlayStation Network until the game is officially released on July 27th. The achievements on Xbox, however, are live and can be earned now in the beta.

Free-to-play games have a tendency to have incredibly difficult achievement and trophy lists, as game developers will try to use the ridiculous requirements to tempt people into purchasing microtransactions to speed up the process. The developers at 1047 Games were much more forgiving in this regard, and the game should be a fairly straightforward (albeit lengthy) completion for most players. Only one achievement/trophy stands out as being particularly grindy.

Splitgate Achievements and Trophies List

Here is the full list of the 30 achievements and trophies.

  • So it begins…
    Complete a match
  • Competitor
    Complete 25 matches
  • Veteran
    Complete 100 matches
  • Expert
    Win 50 matches
  • 1047
    Win 1,047 matches
  • Killing Spree
    Get 5 kills without dying
  • Killection Agency
    Get 10 kills without dying
  • Fragtastic
    Get 15 kills without dying
  • On Fire
    Get 500 kills
  • Back-2-Back
    Get 25 double kills
  • Crowd Control
    Get 10 triple kills
  • Unstoppable
    Get a quad kill
  • Headhunter
    Get 50 headshot kills
  • Where Are You Going?
    Destroy 10 enemy portals
  • Gunslinger
    Get 30 Pistol kills
  • Initiator
    Get 10 First Blood medals
  • Fool Me Once…
    Get 25 Revenge medals
  • Dead Eye
    Get 25 headshots kills with the Sniper Rifle
  • 2 for 1 Special
    Get a collateral kill with the Sniper Rifle
  • Lasered
    Get a collateral kill with the Railgun
  • Over Here
    Get 25 kills through portals
  • SMG Goes Brrr
    Deal 2,500 damage with the SMG
  • Dangerous
    Deal 10,000 damage to enemies
  • Deadly
    Deal 50,000 damage to enemies
  • Battle-Hardened
    Deal 500,000 damage to enemies
  • Trickster
    Get a Portal Kill
    Win a game of Takedown
    Get the round-winning kill in Takedown 50 times
  • Team Player
    Earn 500 points in Domination
  • Pointman
    Earn 500 points in King of the Hill

There are no hidden trophies or secret achievements in Splitgate. Most of the entries are cumulative, meaning they will come naturally through game play, though things like “Fragtastic” for getting 15 kills in a row without dying, or “Unstoppable” for earning a quad kill may prove rather difficult. The true standout entry here is “1047”, unlocked by winning 1047 games (get it?), which remains as the only non-glitched achievement that has yet to be unlocked by any players.

The Splitgate open beta is available to play now on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S. and Xbox One. The full release is scheduled for July 27th

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