Attack of the Fanboy

Best Sports Game ’10

by William Schwartz


Editor’s Choice

As usual 2010 was filled with it’s obligatory Sports titles for nearly every sport imaginable.  Many of these sports games, made some great additions to their yearly upgrade.  The most noticeable in our eyes, was Madden NFL ’11.  This year’s game included a newly revamped physics system that made Madden ’11 one of the most realistic football games ever made.  The inclusion of the new Gameflow system also made the game more accessible to players of all skill levels than ever before.

Reader’s Choice

Our nominations for the Best Sports Game of 2010 Reader’s Choice were FIFA ’11, Madden NFL ’11, NHL ’11, NBA 2K11, and MLB ’10 The Show.  Thanks to everyone who voted.  The results below are the top three reader’s choice winners with FIFA ’11 taking home the title this year by a meager 5 votes.


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