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Square Enix Wants Final Fantasy XV To Put JRPGs Back On The Map

by Damian Seeto


Square Enix held a special community feedback event in London recently for Final Fantasy XV. They really want the game to a success so that JRPGs are popular as they were back in the late ’90s.

Square Enix Japan’s community manager, Dan Seto, announced that Final Fantasy XV is a really big game for the company. He even said the game is the biggest “evolution and revolution of the entire franchise”. The most interesting part of his speech is he said that he hopes the game puts the “JRPG back on the map like they used” to be.

The reason they invited the hardcore fans to this special event is to understand what the fans want from Final Fantasy XV. The fans were able to let Square Enix know how they felt about the recently released demo. Most fans loved the open-world environment, although one person said the parry system needs some refinements.

Final Fantasy XV’s director, Hajime Tabata, also attended the event in London much to the surprise of fans. The fans feel that Tabata is a great director as he actually finds the time to listen to the community. They also feel he’s an approachable person.

The only painful thing is that we are still waiting for a release date for Final Fantasy XV.

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