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Star Citizen Starter Ships Available For Test Flights This Week

by William Schwartz


Cloud Imperium Games, otherwise known as the in-game fiction company Roberts Space Industries, has made all Star Citizen starters ships free to fly, for a limited time only.

All week backers of Star Citizen are able to pilot 10 different ships, coming from the two starter ship lines of the Aurora and Mustang. Both the Aurora and Mustang lines have five variants, which all offer gamers different experiences. Some variations of models offer a speedier ride, others add more firepower and some just add a touch of comfort and style.

Here’s the full list of ships which are free to fly this week:

  • Mustang Alpha
  • Mustang Beta
  • Mustang Delta
  • Mustang Gamma
  • Mustang Omega
  • Aurora ES
  • Aurora MR
  • Aurora LN
  • Aurora CL
  • Aurora LX

Last week saw the release of Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.3 which aimed to address the rubber banding Cutlass issue and generally improve the Arena Commander experience for all players. Below are the complete Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.3 patch notes:

  • Precaching of the Cutlass to combat the stalling that happens when it is destroyed and respawns
  • Some network improvements to improve some rubber banding issues that have been reported
  • REC exploiting by using ejecting to bypass the loss of a life
  • Crash when joining a match as someone else is being destroyed
  • Players sometimes finding difficulty in exiting the tutorial hangar
  • Increasing the fail distance of the race section in the tutorial
  • Adding the reminder hint for the Axial Roll back in to the tutorial

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