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Star Citizen Suffers 40GB Assets Leak Including Bengal Carrier Model

by William Schwartz


Earlier today Star Citizen and Cloud Imperium Games suffered an assets leak that resulted in around 40GB of content being downloaded by a small group of fans.

The fans managed to gain access to a torrent used internally at Cloud Imperium Games and download 40GB of unreleased assets. This occurred after a CIG community manager posted a screenshot of Star Citizen, which had the partial URL attached. This gave them a small window of time before CIG discovered the issue, allowing the assets to be downloaded.

So what does this mean for Star Citizen? Very little in terms of hampering the game development but potentially a few spoiled reveal plans. While it has been commented that the models in the assets are not the most up-to-date ships like the Bengal Carrier were among the leaked assets. As if the short time frame of the availability of the download wasn’t enough of an issue those with the 40GB of unreleased assets can do little with them unless they have a consumer version of the CRYENGINE.

YouTuber Parias Denton has put together a short video of the leaked assets in a new video.

CIG has yet to release an official statement on the assets leak, although we expect them to comment on the situation within the next few days.

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