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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero Costs Reduced 75% Ahead of Launch

| November 13, 2017

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero Costs Reduced 75% Ahead of Launch News  Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has constantly been in the news.  Not for its impressive visuals, nor its improved game modes, or anything positive at all for that matter.  Ahead of release, the game has been a PR train wreck because of a loot box controversy and a progression system that’s been viewed as predatory.

Today Electronic Arts has announced that hero unlocks, a point of contention that the internet was so mad at that they starting lobbing death threats at the developers for, will be reduced in the game by 75%.

Here’s the breakdown of what each hero will cost at launch.

  • Luke Skywalker – 15,000 Credits
  • Darth Vader – 15,000 Credits
  • Emperor Palpatine – 10,000 Credits
  • Chewbacca – 10,000 Credits
  • Leia Organa – 10,000 Credits
  • Iden – 5,000 Credits

EA says that by lowering the prices of these heroes, they will be both an achievement to earn and a goal that is accessible for all players.  The developers will be continuing to take feedback on the game and will “keep making changes to improve the game experience over time.”

While the changes do sound good for the player on the surface, the more important and pressing question that’s still on everyone’s mind is the rate at which you earn credits in the game and just how long you’re going to have to spend to earn the other items in the game that come out of loot boxes.  These items include power-ups for your characters and vehicles that are at the center of an argument on whether the game is pay to win, or not.

Regardless, this contentious point is one that needed to be addressed.  It doesn’t appear that EA will be walking back loot boxes and an RNG progression system anytime soon. Perhaps their upcoming Reddit AMA will shed light on the future of Star Wars Battlefront 2.   Stay tuned for the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Ask Me Anything on Wednesday as it’s likely going to be a shit show.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is set to release on November 17th, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  • Overloaded_Wolf

    It doesn’t matter. EA will just be a greedy company in the end. Business is business in the end and money is all they care about. They don’t truly care about the fans, the only ones who do care are the actual developers making it. Higher-ups couldn’t care any less what we think. They only want to keep us just happy enough to want their game and put up with their poor practices. Screw that, I am done getting EA titles from now on. I recommend others do the same to boycott this microtrasaction, greedy, heartless bullcrap.

  • pin_go

    Huge games series like Battlefield and Call of Duty need massive budgets so they need to recoup R&D, PR, etc. if you dont like or dont have the need to play it right away , just wait for the GOTY at big discount, when EA released BF1 they gave free BF4 DLC; its nice to see them address the issues and complaints even in a minor way , one step at a time, in the other hand Activison still sells COD MW at 20 bucks, if you compare EA vs Activison, my money is on EA…down the road…in the GOTY editions. I have a massive catalog in Steam and I am not a huge online competitive player, so I can wait.

  • RedKnightOH

    Game developers like EA, UbiSoft and others, tell their customers that it costs huge amounts of cash, to make a major video game title today, with all that goes into producing a AAA game. So they must resort to ways to recoup their investments. If true… what does a game company do… to show a return for their investments and make enough money to pay investors and stockholders? If their stockholders have no return, as in dividends for their investments… they walk and no games are made and EA closes it’s doors… like so many game companies have done over the years.


So… how many of you forum posters here… would pay $80 to $150+, for a AAA game like Battlefield 5 in 2019, so no micro transactions or loot boxes would need to be included and allow a game developer to show a profit on their major AAA video game?

    It’s been reported in the game press over the years, that a major AAA game can cost as much or more to produce than a major Hollywood movie. Think of the many costs that goes into making a AAA game. If you have no clue… get educated.

    “How Much Does It Cost To Make A Big Video Game?”

    The 2014 report above, shows the production costs of many AAA games in the past that you may have owned. Just add on 10 to 20 million dollars more for each title and you will get the picture what it costs to make your favorite video game in 2018. If a game company like EA or UbiSoft… makes one to many stinkers that does not sell well… bankruptcy of their company may soon follow. UbiSoft has come to that point of closing it’s doors several times in the past. It’s been reported that UbiSoft may be sold out soon.

    Ever heard of games like SOCOM, MAG or Zipper?

I’ve been an investor in 3 major game developers or companies. If I don’t get a return on my investment… I walk. And I have.

    Quote: “When we do get specific numbers, it is often only the development or marketing costs, which do not necessarily provide a complete picture of a game’s entire budget of development, distribution and marketing costs. Also, specific numbers communicated to the public may not be accurate: like the film industry, it is possible for accounting to play tricks with budgeting to change the appearance of things. In 2009, EA executive Rich Hilleman indicated in a speech that his company “now typically spends two or three times as much on marketing and advertising as it does on developing a game.” This formula is not necessarily applicable to every potential blockbuster game—a “AAA game”, in gaming parlance—or to every company, but it is fair to say the break-even point for the average AAA game is well above the development budget. Companies also need to recoup marketing and other expenses.”

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