Star Wars Battlefront: DICE Will Fix Walker Assault Mode In Full Game

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DICE is promising to fix the Walker Assault mode in Star Wars Battlefront as many people felt it was an unfair game mode while playing the beta.

If you participated in the Star Wars Battlefront beta, you would know how unbalanced the Walker Assault mode was. If you were playing as a Rebel, you would always lose. The Imperials and their AT-ATs always win no matter what happens.

DICE is aware of the balancing issues and are promising things will be fixed before the game’s release date on November 17th. Community manager, Mathew Everett noted on Twitter that this is a “balancing issue within the Beta.”

Multiplayer designer, Dennis Brännvall, had more to say on his official Twitter account. He replied to several people saying that DICE is listening to the feedback and will be making some changes. From that, they will try and make the mode more balanced so that the Rebels can finally win.

As aforementioned, the Rebels were outnumbered and gunned in the Star Wars Battlefront beta in Walker Assault mode. The Imperials had a combination of AT-ATs, AT-STs, TIE Fighters and more. The Rebels just have X-Wings and A-Wings with some support from Y-Wings. None of them are really that effective though in the beta. Hopefully DICE sticks to their word and things improve in the full game.

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