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Star Wars Battlefront Seems To Be Lacking Features From Battlefront 2

by Damian Seeto


As more news from Star Wars Battlefront is revealed, it’s slowly becoming clear the game is lacking the features seen in Battlefront 2.

We do know for a fact that space battles are now gone from Star Wars Battlefront. They were in Battlefront 2 and they were amazing. DICE’s Patrick Bach was interviewed by OPM U.K recently and he gave us a reason why space battles are now gone in Star Wars Battlefront.

He said Star Wars Battlefront’s aim is to concentrate fully on infantry combat. They want players to “stay in the same [environment]“. They don’t want players to go off and fly outside of the battlefield so to speak.

Bach went on to say that Star Wars Battlefront’s maps are tailored to “more intimate, close quarters combat“. However, map sizes will vary depending on the type of mode you are playing.

Another feature from Battlefront 2 missing from Star Wars Battlefront are specific classes. The game’s design director, Niklas Fegraeus, mentioned more about this to OXM magazine recently.

He said Star Wars Battlefront will allow players to freely choose the weapons and gear that they want. There are no pre-made classes like in Battlefront 2. You can unlock and get whatever you want from the XP you earn.

Not to mention Battlefront 2 had the prequel trilogy too. This year’s Star Wars Battlefront game focuses mainly on the original trilogy with the free The Force Awakens DLC coming post launch.

Are you kind of disappointed Star Wars Battlefront will be missing several features and game modes from Battlefront 2?

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