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Star Wars Battlefront To Have Lots Of Replay Value

by Damian Seeto


DICE believes there will be lots of replay value on offer for Star Wars Battlefront.

The level artist for Star Wars Battlefront, Daniel Cambrand, commented on Reddit on his thoughts on the game’s replay value.

A fan was wondering if the single player missions in the game would offer replay value. According to Cambrand, he found “the replay value to be very high” in the game.

Cambrand said he and the rest of the DICE office played the Tatooine mission seen in the E3 trailer. He said he found himself playing that mission “over and over and over“.

He also mentioned Star Wars Battlefront allows you to change up your tactics. There will always be new ways you can play the game every time you start a mission.

Cambrand finally said you will become competitive once you compare the round times with your “friends and colleagues“. It sounds like the missions will offer a lot of replay value according to DICE.

However, this is just one person’s opinion on the game. It will be interesting to see if the public feels the same way once Star Wars Battlefront comes out in November.

Some people are fearing the game could be like Evolve and Titanfall. Those games didn’t offer much content and players got bored pretty quickly…

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