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Star Wars Battlefront Was 900p On PS4 During E3 2015

by Damian Seeto


Apparently, the PS4 footage we saw from Star Wars Battlefront at E3 2015 was only running at 900p.

Digital Foundry reports that there is evidence the PS4 version of Star Wars Battlefront was running at “a native 1600×900” resolution.

According to Digital Foundry, they found the early pixel count to be similar to that of both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline on PS4. They said Star Wars Battlefront has a similar “basic framebuffer setup” as the two Battlefield games.

Digital Foundry notes this is a “pre-alpha” version of the game so it’s possible things will improve when the final game comes out. They also had a look at the E3 2015 trailer’s frame rate too.

From their video analysis, they note the PS4 version of Star Wars Battlefront currently runs between 40-50fps. DICE has been noted as wanting to target 60fps on all platforms when the game comes out.

Star Wars Battlefront isn’t out until November 17th, so DICE still has several more months to optimize the gameplay. People probably won’t know the official resolution and frame rate for the game until it comes out.

Still, frame rate and resolution shouldn’t really matter too much. Battlefront 2 is still lots of fun today, and that game is 10 years old.

You can check out Digital Foundry’s video analysis below:

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