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Steam Machines and Controllers are Gamestop Exclusive in the US

| October 6, 2015

Steam Machines and Controllers are Gamestop Exclusive in the US News PC Gaming  Steam Machine Steam Controller Steam

Valve is prepping to launch their long awaited Steam Machines and Steam Controllers to the world. They’ve been available for pre-order on Steam and via other websites for some time, but with the full release comes actual, brick-and-mortar stores. Many anticipated walking into their local Walmart or Best Buy and seeing shelves of Steam Machines lining the walls, but that future is not to be, at least for this Holiday season.

Gamestop has revealed that they will be the exclusive physical retailer for Steam Machines and Steam Controllers in the US, with GAME UK, and EB Games taking that spot for the UK and Canada respectively. If you don’t like, or don’t have one of these retailers near you, you can still grab one of the devices online via various outlets, but to pick one up in person, you’ll have to head to Gamestop.

This seems like an odd choice on the part of Valve, who has been pushing Steam Machines as a possible console replacement. The idea is to simplify the gaming PC buying process, making it so the non-tech savvy can stroll into a store and grab a system that can handle whatever game they want to throw at it.

Pushing Steam Machines to Gamestop keeps them in the realm of the gamer, and specifically puts them in a retailer that has been shrinking their PC section for years. Gamers use Gamestop, and their gift-buying parents might as well on occasion, but for true market penetration, many expected Steam Machines to be in every retailer imaginable.

PErhaps the exclusivity will expire soon, and Steam Machines will appear elsewhere, but the damage may be done by then if this Holiday season doesn’t go well.

Steam Machines and Steam Controllers hit the market on November 10th.

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  • Guest

    The Gamestop exclusivity is interesting. Gamestop may have offered them a real good deal for it.
    Personally, I might just get the Steam Controller. It looks really nice. ofc it’ll depend on how I good it feels in hand.

  • Selling these exclusively in a pro-console/anti-PC environment that relies heavily on used game sales sounds like a really dumb idea to me. This goes for both companies.
    Maybe it’s just me and I fail to see what they see.

    • Guest

      It really depends on who they are targetting. We don’t really know what made them agree to make an exclusivity deal. Maybe Gamestop will help promote and market the console, Maybe they ordered a huge number…

      • Yeah, that would be an interesting thing to know.
        Maybe it’s a “best of both worlds” kinda thing and they expect people to own more than one machine. I honestly have no idea who they are targetting with this.

  • Allen

    Wait so the Alpha Steve G said he has was a lie. I’m shocked

    • ..

      No. Mines not a steam machine. It’s windows 8 based running modified kodi as the alpha UI. Or you can run full windows 8 desktop

      If you knew anything beside what is on the box you would know that.

      Mine Currently launches to actual Kodi then I launch games and media through there.

      But I’ll post a pic for you when I get a chance. You parrot

      • Allen

        My bad. After I commented I looked again (because I looked the other day) and apparently the Alpha was available but was laughed at for not being a steam machine and launching with a clunky Windows OS.

        I tried to edit my comment but it wasn’t showing up. Oh well. So you wasted your money on a true “Alpha” wanna be console/weak PC for the living room with clunky UI.

        Man you just have bad luck with consoles lol

        • ..

          Alpha out performs PS4. Mines i7. I use kodi. Not windows. I know how to write and mod on kodi. Dims the lights off when I push play on a movie. 80% of my lights are hue.

          • Allen

            Oh I see. You went all out for an i7 on a clunky, only a stepping stone to a Steam machine POS. It doesn’t even come with a steam controller, just an old relic POS.

          • ..

            Steam controller isn’t available yet as far as I know. I’ll get one. For now the far superior 360 controller works just fine.

            You sound pretty butt hurt over there.

          • Allen


            So in your use of the word:

            Butthurt = Laughing at someones prized possession because you just got done reading an article about how it’s not the steam machine they were promised. Because they had to fumble around with the UI and were shocked to see a Windows log in screen & how this clucky UI and missing so many promised features is nothing more than an empty promise at this point.

            lol Superior 360 controller. No gyro, no blue tooth, no battery pack – just a cheap ass $35 hunk of junk ($35 on sale).

            The only thing decent about the 360 controller is that it works out of the box with PC. Guess that’s why they didn’t bundle an Xbone controller lol.

          • ..

            I knew what I was buying, See I know things, you don’t.

            I bought it to run Kodi. I’m also actually tech savy unlike you.
            Last I checked Steam OS was free, I could load Steam OS, dual boot or whatever.

            While I am running Kodi as a Windows 8 shell currently. I do it so I can run emulators in windows for old consoles. I might change it
            I can easily install a linux build of Kodi too.

            I’m just fine with how it runs for what I’m using it for. Being that I use it for far more than just steam.

            I know you are a bit slow when it comes to tech and computers. I could understand why these things would upset you. Being you are stuck with what they give you and are likely limited to automatic updates.

            Mine came with the superior Xbox controller, no slow unreliable bluetooth, no crappy internal battery to fail that only lasts a couple of hours new, and being that my hands aren’t the size of an 8 year old girls hands, I can actually hold it without getting a cramp

          • Allen

            LOL every bit of your controller argument is a lie and I didn’t read anything else.

            Bluetooth is very reliable and for double the distance of 360’s (80ft), the batteries are amazing and have never died (these aren’t the cheap pieces of shit xbox sells – look it up kid), the size is perfect, let’s bring up the duke and how they came out the “s” for small and that became their standard.

            The only thing you like about your xbox controllers is the thumbs match your retarded eyes

          • ..

            All lies you know nothing parrot

          • ..

            Funny how you harp on the controller cause you know nothing about PC and I made you look like the know nothing idiot parrot you are.

            It’s funny how little you care to embarress yourself again and again.

          • Allen

            You sound insane dude. What are you even talking about? I called you out on your shit and what did the 360 or the PS3 controller have to do with PC? lmao do you understand how freaking crazy you sound?

          • ..

            Again a moron like you saying or believing something doesn’t make it true.

            You avoid anything you know nothing about, which is a lot. Then you repeat your mindless incoherent babble like it means something.

            You literally just used the fact that xbox controllers don’t work beyond 80′ away as your argument. 80′ who games 80′ away from their console.

            I game on a TV upstairs in another room of my house with my xbox controller no problem, I’m sure I’m like the less then 1% that do it and it works fine.

            80′ and I’m crazy, you run an 80′ hdmi cable and game at your neighbours house. More likely condo a lot? I’m crazy, wow.

          • Allen

            Everything I said about Dual Shock 3 is absolutely accurate and I challenge you to prove me otherwise.

            What is it I don’t know about? I don’t know how to program games or write code for games. How is it that I need to know about these technical details to know what exclusives, exclusive content, features, quality, performance, value, costs and so on?

            No Xbox controllers don’t work past 40′, PS3/PS4 controllers don’t work past 80′. The only times I use it is for movies/streaming and one time for gaming out on the street at night with my neighbor (I was showing off my PS3 late at night with curtains open and went all the way to his house then we stood in the street as I played fight night round 3 – yeah he was blown away).


            ***Oh thanks you are right! When using the PSTV for remote play your console is in a room far away. There’s a great reason to need more than 40′.

            It’s okay. I know you are a poor fk and probably live in some shack somewhere lol. I’m sure your Xbox controller covers the whole thing.

          • ..

            You’re such a moron. It’s OK. Go buy $100 adaptor so you can use a harmony remote with your PS4. If it even exists yet. But hey your bluetooth bluray remote from PS3 doesn’t work with you bluetooth on PS4. At least xbox went to a far superior Wifi direct technology and has an excuse why it’s stuff doesn’t work. Sony is just money grabbing left right and center. But try to make it appear as a better value

          • Allen

            Bla bla bla my controller is my remote idiot and you moved from 360 controller to Xbone.

            Also while Wifi Direct does seem superior to blue tooth it makes little difference in a controller (you aren’t transferring much data between a controller and a console, very very very little actually).

          • ..

            You don’t have a harmony, lol

          • Allen

            I could see why you need one if you didn’t have the entertainment hub that the PS3 or PS4 is.

          • ..

            Yeah. Garbage ugly. No style hub. You’ve clearly never used kodi.

          • ..

            Seriously, no harmony, lmfao. That’s too funny, you use stock remotes? Bahahahahahaha.
            You got like 8 remotes sitting on your coffee table.?Bahahahahahaha, you claim to be a tech guy. So sad.

            Do you want me to mail you one of my old ones?

            You know what just send me your address I’ll send you a gift from Amazon.
            I knew you were broke. But no harmony. I feel kind of bad for you now.

          • Allen

            Why would I have 8 remotes? TV turns on with PS4, sound is through receiver and that makes 2. I don’t need the extra clutter of having yet another remote.

            here you go again. Acting like because I don’t have some stupid universal remote my knowledge about what xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and PC offer is somehow invalid.

            I am done responding to you for now. You really are just weak and retarded. It’s pointless to keep giving you all this attention at this time.

          • ..

            My media room has, 2 tv’s, 2 cable boxes, an android box, an alpha, an xbox 360, xbox , ps3 and 2 receivers. Something a casual like yourself wouldn’t understand.

            I forget you are broke. Can’t afford such things.

    • ..

      Link from last year you know nothing parrot
      cnet com/products/alienware-alpha/

    • ..

      For someone that claims to be an expert you have know actual knowledge outside of what Sony tells you to flip flop to eh.

      You’re such a know nothing drone. You should be embarrassed to come on here

      • Allen

        bla bla bla. I am always open to being corrected or learning something new. Unlike you who just want to sit behind lies and disinformation as your only standing grounds.

        It’s better to be hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie. Something you keep forgetting.

        • ..

          When did I lie?

          • Allen

            All the time.

            (1) You inflate any and all issues surrounding frame rates on PS4 while downplaying them on Xbone.

            (2) You say PS4 doesn’t output at 1080p all the time. Saying it’s compressed or some BS like that.

            (3) You say I need to be an expert at writing code and designing for video games to understand them.

            (4) You believe all the PR bull shit from Micro$oft and spew it all over the net like it’s the Holy Bible. Just believing, how is it you say…what’s written on the box.

            (5) You say you put something on your keyboard to keep scrolling through my comments but that’s impossible. You need to click next every so many. Meaning you have literally poured through thousands of comments just to try and disprove me yet came up with nothing.

            i’m sure I can think of more or pour through the many many comments you have written me.

          • ..

            Just cause you don’t understand what I’m saying doesn’t make it a lie. I never said the ps4 doesn’t output 1080. You just aren’t bright and have no knowledge of things.

          • Allen

            Yes you did. You talked all up and down about how content doesn’t run at a solid 1080p and that they would run down to 720p and bla bla bla.

            it’s okay. I know WHAT YOU MEANT was video. I’m just flicking you shit because you didn’t make that clear when you were talking about it and it’s just another way you are a weak and pathetic troll.

          • ..

            In the display

          • ..

            What’s funny is you think I’m mad. I just laugh at the double digit IQ I’m trying to educate. It’s hard but Maybe you’ll learn 1 day

          • ..

            How do you feel abouts the ads coming to PS4. If I remember right it was a big reason you didn’t like 360. Or will you flip flop on that too?

          • Allen

            Ads on homepage for the only platform pay to play that also paywalled basic features. Yeah I ragged on Xbox fans hard for that one.

            What ads are you talking about? Are there going to be coca cola ads on my home page? No. Just you lying again.

          • ..

            gamingbolt com/ps4-home-menu-may-be-getting-ads-soon

          • Allen

            LMAO what a BS article in the first place.

            (1) PS3 had all the same free exclusive content in AAA multiplatform games. Nothing has changed.

            (2) PS4 adding more and more timed DLC content like Xbox did isn’t a bad thing for PS gamers it’s a good thing.

            (3) There is no de-emphasis on 1st party exclusives. PS4 has more exclusives than Xbox already with way more coming in the pipeline + more console exclusives + more timed exclusives.

            (4) The ad spoken of was a Destiny icon. Not a Coca Cola ad. Not Doritos. Not Mt. Dew, not a Taco bell ad like Xbox.

            This is a video game ad on a video game station. This is no different than PS3, there were always video game ads.

            (5) Microsoft said that those ads like I’m talking about on item #4 above are all “part of the Xbox experience”. LMAO made in America no doubt! These fatty, MSG filled junk food is exactly what I picture the ignorant fat ass douche bags like you eating and loving.

          • ..

            So what about automatic download of games to your console without your permission?

          • Allen

            You mean like Sony talked about at the PS4 announcement? Yeah nothing wrong with that. Sony’s finding ways to introduce people to new games. They are doing it with PS+ and I guess you are saying they are finally implementing that because I haven’t seen it yet.

          • ..

            Nothing wrong with using mass amounts of people’s data without asking?

            My Internet is capped at 500gb a month, it’s $5 for the first 500gb and $10 for each 50gb after that.
            So if I’m at my limit and Sony decides to download load a game to my console it may cost me as much as $10, more than likely give II go over every month as is.

            Of course you will flip flop and say it’s ok

          • Allen

            lol you have a cap?

            I’m sure this “feature” can be disabled when they implement it. Like I said I haven’t seen it yet but it was a “feature” announced at that huge event that Sony got praised so high for.

          • ..

            I could add unlimited for $30 a month but don’t need it and don’t waste money. Caps are common now. I could go to another company and get inferior service without a cap.

            You wouldn’t know since you are OK with wifi.

            You probably have dial up speed Internet. I already pay $100 a month for my high speed, as it’s the fastest available in my area. Which xbox live pins when I download games.

            Flip flop lol. You’re so dumb. You think I’m crazy you know nothing sony marketing expert

          • Allen

            I find it funny you don’t even know shit about internet bandwidth/caps/data and have the audacity to call me the moron.

            Look up this headline “Charter Communications Quietly Eliminates Usage Caps That Were Rarely Enforced Anyway”

            I’ve got 100mbps, guess I just use way more data than a casual gamer such as yourself.

          • ..

            You think I’m a stupid American, that’s funny. I’ve told you several times I’m not.

          • Allen

            Last reply on this thread.

            No you are a flappy headed Canadian, I know that. What the fk does that have to do with data caps? Oh are you saying that Canada isn’t as advanced and still has them?

            So You just assumed the rest of the world was like you? Wow Canada still has data caps OMG you said “Caps are common now” NO THEY AREN’T. Backwards idiot fk nut I swear LMAO. Oh my god I’m laughing way too hard at you right now. Thanks for ending this discussion in a bang for me.

            lol so freaking ignorant you are yes.

          • ..

            You are a no nothing broke poor moron. I feel sorry for you

          • ..

            Know nothing loser, failed at life goes on here act like an idiot and can’t handle getting called out.

          • ..

            5- you don’t have to click next with chrome, do you use IE LMFAO

          • Allen

            Lie I’m looking at it and of course I use Chrome, who doesn’t?

          • ..

            Just click on the scroll and hold the down arrow. You being dumb doesn’t make me a liar.

            Not sure how somebody being smarter and more knowledgeable than you makes them a liar. Your knowledge begins and ends with Sony marketing

          • Allen

            Nope, just checked again. You need to hit “more”.

          • ..

            Not my fault you are dumb. Hold the key down while it circles at the bottom. I’ll send you a video if you need

  • efnet

    Can’t wait to get my hands on my pre order hell I may just buy a second one for my bed room just in case

    • ..

      They aren’t over the top good, you could build better, at least the Alpha. Can’t match the form and size. It’s tiny with decent performance, better than a PS4, but that’s not a very high bar.

      • efnet

        Lol see you guys are looking at the $499 -$699 boxes which I call buget steam boxes the one I pre ordered was the steam machine x and I’m looking at the tiki falcon next…check the specs

        • ..

          Mine was about $900. The only reason I went with it was the form factor. They say it’s upgradeable but it’s not really. The GPU is embedded into the mobo and is mid-line at best. The power supply is specific and limits your processor. You can’t over clock really, can’t handle the heat, and like I said the power supply is maxed. Only thing you can do is SSD and ram really.

          I liked the look, I liked the size and I use it mostly as a HTPC and console emulator, not for AAA pc games.

          What you have listed, I could build way better for cheaper. Don’t get me wrong it’s a slick setup. I like the boutique gaming PC companies but I would never buy 1. Half the fun for me is designing the rig and putting it together.

          Alpha for me was an impulse buy, my HTPC setups were not working out. Had an old laptop it would overheat a freeze during full quality bluray rips. Then I used an old gaming rig, was so loud and big. Then I went android box. Worked ok but very low power, lots of software issues and no 7.1 audio. Plus Constant restarts. The alpha ended up being exactly what I was looking for. Worked well, quite, good size. Kodi is pretty seamless on PC even with a heavy skin. Kodi runs android at its breaking point.

        • ..

          One thing these Steam boxes will do is bring PC gaming to the average person,
          So many people are overwhelmed by PC’s and think they are hard to game on.
          These make it plug and play, and will show people just how bad PS4 graphics are.