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Steam Users Report Batman: Arkham Knight PC Beta Patch Fixes Almost Everything

by William Schwartz


Batman: Arkham Knight had a troublesome launch on PC.  So bad in fact that the publisher stopped selling the game due to quality concerns.  While Warner Bros. recently announced that they were working on an upcoming patch for the game, apparently some Steam users were granted access to a beta patch that has fixed things immensely.

A couple of patches quickly arrived for Steam users, who are saying that the frame rate issues that the game has had have been fixed, as well as the various performance issues that plagued the game at launch.

Steam users are, however, reporting varied results with the Arkham Knight Beta Patch.  Some are calling the game buttery smooth with the update, while others are calling it “playable.”  With so many various PC configurations, nobody will likely have the same experience.

However, it appears that Warner Bros. hasn’t given up on the PC release of Arkham Knight and are making good on their promise to make things right with the troubled release.  An update on August 20th outlined the changes and fixes Arkham Knight would be seeing.

Warner Bros. says that they are still working on downloadable content and season pass content for the game.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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